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  1. Red Snapper

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello fellow anglers, Could someone give me a good spot(s) to fish red snappers around Vancouver and/or the east side of Vancouver Island. Thanks.
  2. Sockeye Fishing from a boat - Where?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, Long time lake fisherman and north Vancouver island salmon and hali guy, but never spent any time around the Fraser or local waters fishing for salmon. With the sockeye coming in, I'd love to get out, but simply don't know where to go. Have an 18' double eagle, so don't want to get...
  3. Fish finder recommendation

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Hi guys, I am looking to purchase a fish finder for use with my 10' harbourcraft...I will primarily fish lakes on the Island. What brand/unit would you recommend?... any advice would be much appreciated...thanks guys D
  4. Trolling the Fraser

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Has any body tried trolling the lower fraser with any luck, We did it last year for the chum run with a couple of other boats and one landed just below annisis island. Would this work for the sox / springs? and what method would you recommend. Hootchies, spoons, baittrix, Flashers ?? Thanks Mo
  5. Nitinat, Stamp or any other Southern Vancouver Island River

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Has anyone fished the Nitinat, Stamp or Cowichan lately? Having trouble with deciding whether to commit to all the ferry expenses etc so would appreciate any info - chiefly looking for Salmon. Many thanks in advance.
  6. FN0693-SANITARY - Area 17 - Emergency Closure for Bivalve Shellfish near Hammond Bay

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): General Information, Sanitary/Other Contamination Closures, ABORIGINAL - General Information, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Intertidal, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Razor, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Geoduck and Horseclam, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Oyster, COMMERCIAL -...
  7. Pink Salmon Fishing Campbell River OR are they Further down South??

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Im going to the island tomorrow from vancouver and my original plan was go to campbell river to fish for Pinks in the river as i dont have a boat. But i was wondering have the pinks made it further down south on the island so i wont have to drive from naniamo duke point to campbell river and i...
  8. 2 new guys looking for some new friends to fish with!!

    Hookup a Partner
    Hey all, 2 guys new to fishing on the Fraser for Sockeye/Chinook. We haven't had much luck fishing down here and would like to meet up with some people who are willing to help out some new comers to this style of fishing :) Send me a PM or msg on here Thanks Jason And Will PS. We are...
  9. NVO Report

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    NVO Report Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for August 17, 2010 Mizzoula Lake for kokanee with a wedding band worm says one of our regular trusted sources. They aren’t all that big, panfry size...
  10. new guy

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I stumbled across this site while looking for WCVI reports. I just noticed that RickB sent me a welcome msg. Thanks Rick. It's nice to see there is a site like this out there. I was starting to think it was only possible to get decent fishing info south of the border. I'm probably just...
  11. Sockeye Salmon Fishing in Steveston...

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello Fellow Fishermen/Women, I live in Steveston and see lots of fish jumping in the river but was just wondering how do you fish for them? I have heard that people are going to Shady Island and flossing for them. I was wondering if I had a chance fishing from the dyke with lures or with a...
  12. [FISHING REPORT] upper Fraser Aug 6th

    Region 2 - Reports
    Fished upper fraser from Herling island to hope for springs yesterday. Didn't see any caught all day. 4 sockeye released carefully back into river. Awesome day on the river. Have to get out next week for some of the fun.
  13. Winter Harbor Missing Boat

    Saltwater General Discussion
    http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/Friend+identifies+Portland+fisherman+missing+from+boat+Vancouver+Island/3363567/story.html Found them last night. No Survivors. Guide was a Buddy. Well experienced. Ghawd Dammit. :( Nog
  14. FN0598-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Area 17 - Departure Bay - Finfish Closure‏

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0598-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Area 17 - Departure Bay - Finfish Closure Effective immediately until 23:59 hours October 25, 2010, a finfish closure is in effect in - That portion of Departure Bay...
  15. Herring Island

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi guys and gals, Does anyone know the conditions on the Herring Island, if it can be accessed by vehicle or is still under water. Also hows peg leg lately. Thanks
  16. [FISHING REPORT] Fraser River-Aug. 4

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hello all; A freind and I fished the Fraser Mon. 8-2 around 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm. We launched at Island 22 and went to grassy bar. During this time, we hooked 2 kings around 15-20#'s, but lost them after a 20 min. battle. We also caught and released 5 sockeye. I was using bubble gum pink and...
  17. Wanted: last minute charter out of Port Alberni

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'm going to be over on the island on Monday with my kids, I think I'd like to take a half-day or possibly full day out of Port Alberni. I know it's very short notice, any recommendations would be appreciated. Or if your an operator and have an opening, let me know. Would need to accommodate a...
  18. First Trip to Desolation Sound

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello BC Angler, Just signed up as a new member of BCFR. Great site and serious anglers and sportsman. Nice change from others - a guy gets tired of the "crabs" jokes. Just moved to Kelowna and going to take a 14 day sailing trip to Desolation Sound. I lived for 8 years in Alaska and...
  19. Nets nets nets......

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Was fishin upper fraser yesterday,drift nets were deployed 40ft from shore 5 times at bird island. Yes it did affect fishin,one spring caught all day.to the point ,when there is this activity,is there a way to determine when it,s occurring becouse i see nothing posted on dfo openings and...
  20. Determined to bar fish the fraser sucessfully

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So i have never even had a bite barfishing the fraser. This will be my 3rd year and im determined to break that streak this year. Ive tried gill rd bar, ferry island bar, peg leg (but not for long, got disgusted and left), mission bridge area, to name a few.. all unsuccessful... all from shore...