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  1. big springs/big dissapointment

    Saltwater General Discussion
    posted awhile ago about going to big springs fishing resort in rivers inlet.four friends going for a great five days.were to leave on 17 aug. find out today july 31 they are not operating, no notice. my fishing buddy called airline to check on when we would need to be there and what...
  2. Southern island area pink salmon

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Anyone know when the pinks'll be arriving in the duncan, victoria area, I've heard soon but being my first year on the island I'm a little unsure as I've not seen any signs yet. Any info would be great, Clayton
  3. FN0566-SANITARY - Area 17 - Emergency Closure for Bivalve Shellfish near Hammond Bay,

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): General Information, Sanitary/Other Contamination Closures, ABORIGINAL - General Information, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Intertidal, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Razor, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Geoduck and Horseclam, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Oyster, COMMERCIAL -...
  4. [FISHING REPORT] Big OK (Island) Lake

    Region 3 - Reports
    Got there 10 pm Fri night. Sat was excruciatingly slow until the evening sedge hatch between 8 and 10 pm which was insane.12 fish in 2 hours. Sunday, more of the same. Searching during the day with mayfly nymph patterns, chironomids, damsel and Tom Thumbs got the odd fish including a 4 lber on a...
  5. South Vancouver Island?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    There any good rivers or beaches where I could find salmon south of nanimo on the island? Thanks, Matt
  6. One day trip to Vancouver Island - where to go....

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I would appreciate some help from the members here. I am planning with a friend to haul my boat to the Island for a single day of fishing – it will be a whirlwind trip but with our various family and professional commitments, it is realistically all we can put together so obviously we want to...
  7. Tuna off of West Vancouver Island?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I've heard this rumor that you can get into some nice Tuna off the west side of the island in the summer months. Anyone know of charters in Tofino or Ucluelet that may offer this?
  8. [FISHING REPORT] Kyuquot Adventure - 2010 - Pics of fishin' and the adventures

    Vancouver Island
    These are in no particular order....and as I looked through my pics I really didn't take all that many pics of fishing/fish?!? But anyhow; here is the synopsis....fishing was pretty good when we could get offshore but the fish weren't of any real substantial size. We did get some hali's on the...
  9. Going to Ucluelet 7/22 - 7/7/27.

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Myself and a friend will be at Ukee 7/22-7/27, staying/mooring at Island West. North River Seahawk, blue trim, maroon Tundra with WA plates. I started fishing out of there in 1991 and I've been up there prob 14-15 times although my friend is a newbie. I dont know how it will work with my...
  10. island fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    going to sayward beginning of august. anyone know of any lakes or streams in a 20 km radius of sayward for trout. my son and I will be using fly rods or light spinning tackle, only shore fishing though. I think its called a salmon river saw fish in it but no one was fishing there for the two...
  11. Hats off once again to Pacific Angler

    OFF Topic
    Went out today to get a reel spooled on a spinning outfit I am taking over to Kyuquot. Went to a "store" that just relocated from down by Granville Island to slightly south of 4th Avenue in Vancouver. Walked into said "store".....which was close to my house and asked if they could spool some...
  12. Newbie

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello I am older in age, seasoned boater and mainly fished the coho runs for many many years. I am now semi retired and live in Port Hardy. I choose Port Hardy to retire to from Vancouver for the fishing and housing affordability. I have a 30ft. Norstar and this is my first year to fish any...
  13. Noob Going to Island to do fishing! Advice plss

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Im planning on heading down to Vancouver Island from Tsawassen from Thursday to Saturday want to do some fishing But I dont have a Boat. Is there any Near Shore i Can fish into ....what is there to catch rockcods, lingcods, bass?? Any advice would help as well as what i should be using. And...
  14. trying to find an old fishing friend

    Hookup a Partner
    hey all just curious if anyone knows a guy named don (can not remember the last name) who use to fish the fraser extensively. he use to fish with his son rio and seemed to like grassy bar on the fraser. his wifes name was debbie and had a daughter name ashley. i havent seen or heard from in...
  15. Bon Chovy Fishing Report, June 29

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    June saw some great action! Gabriola Island was a great producer for chinooks up to 30 pounds! We had a quite few trips during the middle of the month where we hooked between 10 and 15 chinooks....fantastic action! It has slowed down over the last week, but it likely won't be long before...
  16. West Coast Vancouver Island Fishing Report

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Ucluelet Fishing Report June 2, 2010 The prime time to fish here is all summer – well not quite, but since we fish three areas there is usually somewhere to catch salmon and halibut. Most recommended times are • December to May for the feeder Chinooks and some halibut starting to show in...
  17. Vancouver Island Saltwater Fishing Report - 05/23/10

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    OVERVIEW – Salmon fishing results were SLOWER overall this past week with the Victoria to Saanich Inlet area offering the best success. Halibut fishing was GOOD for fish up to 114 lbs due to the gentler tides and slower currents near Victoria. Sooke – Salmon fishing was SLOWER for springs...