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  1. Saltwater Tackle Talk!
    Having issues with my MR3 drag. The tighter I set the drag the harder it is to reel. Reel is a couple years old now but alwase rinsed after every use and greased occasionally when the drag started to get sticky. Maybe I'm missing a small part after taking it apart so many times last summer? Have...
  2. Fly Fishing Discussion
    Looking for reviews of the Islander LA3.6 reel. thanks,oldman.
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    So I've been contemplating getting a new downrigger rod to go with my Islander MR3, single action reel.... Choices rattling around my head are a Sage SA4120 or getting a custom 10'6" Rainshadow rod of the equivalent. Some guys are saying that a 12' rod is simply too much rod for downrigger or...
  4. Vancouver Island
    Had another good trip to Tahsis this year. The drive up is still a bugger - took about 10 hours each way with the last hour going there on dirt. Weather was a little touchy the first day (Friday) and getting out was a bit of a challenge. But we made it out to about 5 miles out and got into a...
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    Found this on an east coast site. This is a prototype of the new Islander centerpin. 4 3/8", silver only, abec 5s.
1-5 of 6 Results