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  1. Summer work wanted; fishing lodge/charter

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Iam a highschool Grad seeking summer employment at a Fishing Lodge/Charter. I'am currently enrolled in a Carpentry program through UVIC. Experianced/Knowledgable angler and use downriggers regularly. Looking to work on a boat as a deck hand or work at the dock. Also an avid fly fisherman, Over...
  2. Great day fishin

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey my son took me sturgeon fishing on Sunday Oct 18th(Langley) Great sunny day--no kiddin for October Caught my first ever sturgeon, I think 5 feet kid says 4 feet --big fish good fight for my first. Gonna take weeks to get smile off my face. Tied up and fished next to 2 other BCFR members the...
  3. USA Brokers - Would you give them money to put in trust ?

    Boating Forum
    I am closing a deal in the USA on a boat and a Broker is involved , he wants the deposit and balance upon closing to be placed into his trust account. This makes me a bit leary ? Has anyone got any good or bad experiences they would like to share ? or advise ? Cape R PS; Sorry Brokers out...
  4. fishing in Nanaimo area

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello to all, I just started a new job in Nanaimo for next 2-3 months, get back home on weekends. Have a few hours after work during the weekdays and 'd be not bad to spend rest of the day some where on the lake/river/sea bar...with a rod. Does anybody have any suggestions/tips/advice of such...
  5. Guiding in Vancouver area salt

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Already got my dream job - almost. Just wondering if it's possible or worth it to get a guide license these days. What are the requirements? Grant
  6. September 1st Fishing Report Kitimat Region BC Canada

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Halibut, Salmon, Crab and Steelhead. The past few weeks have kept us very busy and time to write a report has been non-existent. So with a few days off before the Irish flood the lodge with laughter, cheers, Lepricons and tight lines we are getting boats ready to go. We operate with 5...
  7. New Guy!!!

    Member Introductions
    Hey all, Jason is my name and i'm new to the forums and Fishing in the lower mainland!! I grew up in Barriere up near Kamloops and i can fish rainbow out of the lakes out there like nobodies business. Would love to hook into some nice Chinook/Sockeye/Steelhead and even some ocean fishing if...
  8. Pacific Angler Saltwater Reports July 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    The local saltwater fishing has been fairly consistent for coho off W. Van. The best depths have been from 60 feet up to the surface. There have been schools of fish from Pt. Atkinson to the Cap Mouth and the trick is simply finding them. The best bite has been in the morning but we have...
  9. DFO job opening

    Freshwater General Discussion
    No affiliation, just came across it and thought someone here might be interested: https://psjobs-emploisfp.psc-cfp.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?toggleLanguage=en&noBackBtn=true&poster=113573&psrsMode=1 (feel free to move to a more appropriate section)