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  1. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Ok, I have pretty much given up on getting my rod and reel back that I lost last week but without a rod I'm starting to jones for fishing like a crack addict out of crack, it's bad...so I need a new set up and want some advice/opinion...so, Abu Garcia 6500c4 or the equvilant shimano reel. I lost...
  2. Region 2 - Reports
    when the fraser closes for bait fishing are you allowed to use any scent on your spin n glow or artificial eggs or plastic roe imitations ? does the water have to be quite deep for spin n glows or about the same for bottom bouncing ? the bars like st elmo scale bar jones bar are these deep...
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    Is there a reason for the shoulder-to-shoulder fishing at bars like Pegleg and Jones? Is it the accessibility of these locations? The quality of the bar (i.e. fewer rocks + debris to snag tackle on)? The names/popularity? Something else? A combination of one or more these things? I fished Jones...
  4. Region 2 - Reports
    Well boys and girls and whomever is interested...Was out at Jones Bar for the grand opening of the Freshwater Sockeye Fishery. I went a little later in the day and have never seen so many cars parked beside the tracks near the trail entrance.There were anglers elbow to elbow from the top of the...
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    Just curious if anyone knows how Deer,Hicks and or Jones lake have been fishing?
  6. Freshwater General Discussion
    Have fished Jones a number of times and have caught many but the biggest is perhaps last trip where I released a pretty good cutthroat of maybe 17". I've heard there's 2 - 3 pounders in there and a couple of guys I talked to have said even up to 5lb but not sure about that. I've tried trolling...
  7. Region 2 - Reports
    anyone know any good local spots for these tasty critters .ive herd of jones being really productive .but thats a bit far .
  8. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Chilliwack/Vedder River The river is open as of July 1st. Salmon conservation surcharge is now required on your freshwater license if you want to retain salmon. River conditions remain high but clarity is good. Chinook fishing will improve as water levels drop over the next few weeks. Roe is...
  9. Freshwater General Discussion
    has anyone been up there recently? how low is the water? can u launch a trailered boat or is water still rediculasly low. headed up there tommorow morning so hopefully get a reply or 2 before then if not hope for the best and plane for the worst i guess =/
  10. Region 2 - Reports
    I fished Jones Lake Reservoir for the first time ever on Saturday. Beautiful setting, great mountain vistas! The lake itself was very low, completely ringed with exposed stumps, roots and sand and gravel bars, giving it a rather stark and sterile appearance (a little too sterile??). The fishing...
  11. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey im just curious if anyone has been up to jones lake lately.hows the fishing any info would be greatly appreciated. If u dont want to say over this u can pm me. thank you
1-11 of 11 Results