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  1. Contributer Discussions
    I can't wax as poetically as Ribwart, Fishortho and others so foregive me (and my lack of spell check). Out Saturday A.M. the concert beacons (headlamps and flashlights lifted and lighted the trail), marking the meat/honey holes; no fires so I guess the camping was at a minimum. Worked my way...
  2. Region 2 - Reports
    Well searun and I decided to hit the river for first light to see if we could hook up with some coho. The river was in great shape with fish rising. We decided to start down low with some roe but after an hour or so we had no takers so we decided to move a little further up river where we knew...
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi folks, I did a search on this site and couldn't find any other info regarding what to do with your rod after a hookup and you can't prevent the fish from jumping. There appears to be two schools of thought - one, you lift the tip to keep the line taught so you lessen the chances of the...
1-3 of 3 Results