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  1. Howdy Folks

    Member Introductions
    Hmmm, what to tell you...basically I've just gotten back into fishing this June after taking about 5 years hiatus...was busy training to race kayaks and surfskis...is great to be getting reacquainted with my fly fishing gear and of course our fish. I'm mostly a lake fisher, pretty much...
  2. Hello!

    Member Introductions
    Wow, what an amazing site! I'm very excited to join and learn from this group of like-minded fishermen. A bit about myself: I'm born and raised here in Vancouver, and have been fishing as long as I can remember. Most of the fishing I've done has been up at Savary Island near Powell River in the...
  3. fishing the squamish

    Freshwater General Discussion
    morning all! My friends and i are on our way to squamish on the 15th October to fish for Chum and maybe Coho (fingers crossed!) i just wondered if any of you local fisherman could offer any tips on flies etc........ i fished it the same time last year and was successful but obviously you can...
  4. Back in the saddle

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    Hi guys/gals, Well,I've decided there is not enough years left in me to learn how to golf properly so out comes the boat and gear for round 2.lol I'm planning to go out to Elk Lake in Victoria and troll around. Being summer and the water warm I'll fish deep and hopefully I'll have better luck...
  5. 2 new guys looking for some new friends to fish with!!

    Hookup a Partner
    Hey all, 2 guys new to fishing on the Fraser for Sockeye/Chinook. We haven't had much luck fishing down here and would like to meet up with some people who are willing to help out some new comers to this style of fishing :) Send me a PM or msg on here Thanks Jason And Will PS. We are...
  6. New to Forum - Any Kayak Fisherman out there?

    Member Introductions
    Brand new to posting to the forum. Been browsing the site for a while and like what it has to offer! I'm a 26 y/o Kayak fisherman. Been fishing my whole life but have only been kayak fishing for just over a year and love it! Still have lots to learn and tinker with but getting better every...
  7. From spinner to baitcaster, now I ponder is Fly Fishing Right for me?

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    It's easy to learn to fly cast; more difficult to catch something. Investing in a lesson or two will get you on the right track from the beginning and will pay dividends. If you teach yourself to cast it is very easy to pick up bad habits which are difficult to lose later on. Other than that...
  8. "match the hatch"

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    could some of you recommend any good websites or perhaps somewhere on this forum that tells you what bugs are hatching at what times in this area? where would one (a beginner) start to learn about "matching the hatch" entomology? p.s. sorry if this is a previous thread somewhere if so would...
  9. vedder bows

    Freshwater General Discussion
    does anyone know where a guy could get into some decent sized bows on the vedder this time of year?. I've been getting into flyfishing recently and all i've been able to manage are tiny trout from about 4-6 inches (little anchovies haha). its fun for practicing my casting and setting the hook...
  10. Howdy!

    Member Introductions
    Hi, My name is Matt Baggett and i am from central Texas. I have family in BC so i hope to learn alot before heading up there to fish.
  11. Hello, Fishing Yodas!

    Site Features, News & Issue Information
    Hi, guys! I'm Bill. Retired contractor. Hoping to learn more about the sport and become more than a once-a-year angler. I look to you guys as my fishing yodas.
  12. Looking to lend an extra hand!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello everyone, Does anyone need a helping hand on their boat this summer? I want to get out on the water and fish but I don't have the resources to do so. It probably seems like a strange request but I love to fish and I want to get better at it and learn how to do it right. Just a little...
  13. M gonna learn to catch lakers

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi all Put my boat in the water today (first time this year); all's well. I bought a fish finder yesterday and tried it out on the fraser. I don't know if it was the turpidity or the proximity to the motor, but I was getting a lot of static. When I turned on the fish ID it showed as lots and...