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  1. Region 2 - Reports
    so finally i decided to get out and fish when my rod has been collecting dust for a long time. It was stupid of me to not bother to get new lines etc, cause i have no idea how long 2 years storage shelf will last. Apparently the big problem for me today was LOSING my hooks, i was tying them...
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    I am going to the vedder tomorrow from richmond at around 5am wanting to b e out on the water first light. This will be my first time on the vedder trying my luck for salmon there Any advice would be good. I will be float fishing and so far ive got Roe, whool and some fake eggs as bait. got...
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    I am looking for a medium/light 10'6" drift rod, $100-300 range. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Region 2 - Reports
    I headed out for first light this morning. Started down by Keith Wilson. I don't know the river very well, if at all, so my day was pretty experimental. The water was high and fast, in comparison to the one other time I headed out a couple years ago. I had my pin, so it was hard to get my...
  5. Region 2 - Reports
    Well searun and I decided to hit the river for first light to see if we could hook up with some coho. The river was in great shape with fish rising. We decided to start down low with some roe but after an hour or so we had no takers so we decided to move a little further up river where we knew...
  6. Region 2 - Reports
    was out friday with a friend to pegleg. went to north side, had whole thing to ourselves. fished for 6 hours with spinglows, no takers. good day to be out warm weather light rain. lots of sockeye passing through. was wondering when not using bait with spinglows are the odds against you for...
  7. Region 2 - Reports
    Started just before firstlight tossing spoons and spinners. Hooked 3 spring jacks on first 5 casts. By 1030am I was into about 17 fish, BUT only two coho!. Then things died off. Went for lunch. Came back and fished the rest of the day with a buddy. He caught 4 spring jacks and 1 adult. I managed...
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, Was going to head to the lake this morning and suddenly we got hit with wicked rain followed by t/l. What effect does that have on fishing? Should I sit back on my butt and watch football or wait out the rain and hit the water? thanks,oldman.
  9. Rod Wraps!
    I recently scored a pin rod built on a Fenwick HMG 1262 blank. It has a very nice feeling overall but the movement of it seems not damped enough to my liking. Could the heavier old school guides be a reason? Would replacing the guides to newer light ones make a big difference? I am not sure if...
  10. Rod Wraps!
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  11. Rod Wraps!
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  12. Rod Wraps!
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  13. Freshwater General Discussion
    I've been hearing talk about the Cultus Lake sockeye in the Vedder, and in my 15 years of fishing that river, I've NEVER seen one. Until today, that is. I've been watching the government website for the water levels on the Vedder/Chilliwack for the last two dismal weeks, and the recent rain we...
  14. Region 2 - Reports
    went out with my son this morning.had agreat day watched him changedwhen he got bored trying to light a fire with my tp paper,and medium dry wood chips.changed his mind set as soon as a fish was on. light pressure at elmo, a few around agasizz. sockeye are still pretty thick. lots of jumpers ...
  15. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Sometimes I'll go down and cast spoons for coho down in the lower vedder. Last year I just took my cheapo trout rod and real and got into quite a few nice fish. Landed all my fish but it did feel a bit too light and was wondering what you guys would recommend for a setup. Maybe a smaller...
  16. Freshwater General Discussion
    fished up by gill,we were in a boat, spectacular lightning, and then rain. we were there from 4-7, 2 fish landed, 3 lost beside the boat . After lightning and thunder started we did not touch another fish. Is this just random chance or do you think lightning and thunder CAN impact flossing?
1-16 of 36 Results