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  1. Saltwater Professional Reports
    We had a few days of nastier weather but it looks like the good weather has arrived staring tomorrow. The first couple days of the low seemed to chase the fish and bait away from the normal spots but the salmon are coming back. Fishing has continued to really surprise us in a good way and really...
  2. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Recap Ucluelet BC 2015 Every year we spend time trying to figure out what the next summer is going to bring. We look at the DFO forecast for local Vancouver Island rivers and of course the forecast for all the rivers south of us. Some years the forecast is inconclusive with some good...
  3. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fish in April have been great! The eulachon came in not as strong as they have in past years but a good return still. Right behind the eulachon came the herring all a good size and in good numbers as well. Following both of these fish is the ever hungry Pacific Halibut. I have been fishing in...
1-3 of 3 Results