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  1. Great day fishin

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey my son took me sturgeon fishing on Sunday Oct 18th(Langley) Great sunny day--no kiddin for October Caught my first ever sturgeon, I think 5 feet kid says 4 feet --big fish good fight for my first. Gonna take weeks to get smile off my face. Tied up and fished next to 2 other BCFR members the...
  2. Marine GPS for your iPhone

    Saltwater General Discussion
    From another post here, I found an app for the iPhone called "Marine: British Columbia". It's ten bucks and made my iPhone into an acceptable marine gps device. All maps included for the ten bucks. Very cool for any of us that don't have a decent GPS on your boat yet. My wife would kill me...
  3. Mercury Survey

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    I'm not too sure how much response this thread will get, but here it goes. In my mailbox today was a letter addressed to me from the University of British Columbia, Environmental Health Dept. When I opened it, I found it to be an invite to participate in a survey investigating fish consumption...
  4. A bucket list trip for family---

    Saltwater General Discussion
    :cheers:Hi all --- sorry to bother you all, with another question, But I have a uncle that would like me to take him and his long time friend up through the scookum chuck and around to the Sechelt bay and porpus bay. would / or have any of you traveled through this area befor ,and if so could...