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  1. [FISHING REPORT] Punteldge River 10/20/10

    Region 1 - Reports
    I was up in Courtney for the evening and had an hour before meeting my buddy for dinner so I tried fishing at the wooden bridge at the end of Cliff. Before I made my first cast this year river fishing, I hooked into a 20lb spring... well it was before it started swimming upside down and had...
  2. Kootenay Lake Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    For those interested in Kootenay Lake fishing and Rainbow Trout, you may be interested in our website at kootenayangler.com. We've just posted a recap of our weekend at the 2010 Woodbury Resort Rainbow derby. Enjoy! We had lots of luck trolling flies such as the "grey ghost" polar hair fly.
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Stave river Oct 19 - chum jig + short float works the best

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hit the west side of the river on 8:15. I will say not every many people out because it is Tuesday. My fishing buddy showed up about 8:45. I used chum jigs , the jig worked like magic. the second cast I landed the first one this year. It was a nice doe. I could see the float totally been...
  4. coho lures and bait

    Freshwater General Discussion
    hi guys just wondering what you have all been having luck with for coho on the vedder ??
  5. Bent Rods jigs for Chum

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hi folks. I first would like to thank everyone for supporting our product by purchasing our jigs and spinners, thank you very much people. I just wanted to mention that I had received a email about a fellow who had problems with hooks bending on Chums. These were 1/0 sickles in pin and bead...
  6. Vedder River Fishing tomorrow

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am going to the vedder tomorrow from richmond at around 5am wanting to b e out on the water first light. This will be my first time on the vedder trying my luck for salmon there Any advice would be good. I will be float fishing and so far ive got Roe, whool and some fake eggs as bait. got...
  7. Mouth of Harrison

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was in the Harrison yesterday. Tried trolling spinners and plugs for a while with not much luck. Noticed a bunch of boats right at the mouth. We decided to join this Chum jigging frenzy right at the mouth. At first we sat back on anchor for a bit and watched everyone to see what they were...
  8. Is my Fishing Rod Too big to fish the Vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So im planning on going out to the vedder this weekend to try my luck with some buddies... I am fairly new to salmon fishing im sure you noticed my amateur posts earlier lol..anyways barrys bait and tackle shop in richmond sold me a Trophy 10 and a half foot spinning fishing rod with 15pound...
  9. chehalis hatchery camera

    Freshwater General Discussion
    hey, does anyone know where we can find the live hatchery camera. ive been looking for a little while now and havent had much luck. Thanks for the help
  10. [FISHING REPORT] Sept. 21-25 Quesnel Lake

    Region 5 - Reports
    Went up to Quesnel lake to try my luck for some rainbows after having good luck in July. Fishing was very slow and only managed a few bites before we were blown off the lake. Tried a small lake off the 108 mile road, unsure of the name and managed to hook into 7 trout between 2 and 4 lbs. in a...
  11. Soxs in the North Thompson

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, I've been out on the North Thompson, in a few different spots but cant seem to get any luck, I've been bottom bouncing with a 5-12 foot leader with green red or white wool but cant seem to get into any. There are lots of fish about but I cant seem to get any, any tricks I should know...
  12. [FISHING REPORT] Marmot Lake

    Region 5 - Reports
    Was out with my son visiting grandpa in Nazko, and decide to try our luck on Marmot Lake. The sun was shining brightly, a slight ripple across the water from a nice breeze and fish showing all along the rushes and plant life, to about 20 or 30 ft out. My 6 yr old son went with the traditional...
  13. Trout Fishing on Lakes in the Fall

    Freshwater General Discussion
    HI, I'm new to this forum - what a great site by the way! I've gained some valuable knowledge by reading through a lot of the topics, and I really appreciate it. I've spent the whole summer repairing and refurbishing a boat that I bought in the spring (older 14 ft aluminum) and its finally...
  14. Sockeye Fishing at T-10: A Few Questions

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, As I posted in seabouy's thread (sorry I don't have enough posts to link yet), I tried my luck at T-10 yesterday. I didn't catch anything, but the weather was nice and I got to watch a fantastic sunset. Anyways, I just had a few questions, as I'm new to fishing T-10 (usually just...
  15. Sockeye in the Vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've been hearing talk about the Cultus Lake sockeye in the Vedder, and in my 15 years of fishing that river, I've NEVER seen one. Until today, that is. I've been watching the government website for the water levels on the Vedder/Chilliwack for the last two dismal weeks, and the recent rain we...
  16. Local report for the members lounge...

    Contributer Discussions
    Hey all, not much action in the reports section other than sockeye stuff, thought I'd give a heads up to our more long term members. Action is picking up on the vedder this last week or two for lots of white spring jacks and adults. Fish getting taken every day in the canal areas. No need to...
  17. Consolation

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I take a day off last Friday, to try my luck in Peg Leg. I've stayed for a few minutes 'till I hook one and try to bring it to shore right away. While it was very close to the shore, there's this duo (ADULT) with camper claiming I snag their line and it was their fish. So I apologized and tell...
  18. Gulf Island Sockeye

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Lots of Sockeye going by South Pender on the weekend. I'm sure they will all be rounding towards the Fraser so we should have lots of good fishing for a while. Caught a couple and changed to Spring gear to see if I could knab something a little bigger. No luck, caught a bunch of grilse!!!
  19. Trolling the Fraser

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Has any body tried trolling the lower fraser with any luck, We did it last year for the chum run with a couple of other boats and one landed just below annisis island. Would this work for the sox / springs? and what method would you recommend. Hootchies, spoons, baittrix, Flashers ?? Thanks Mo
  20. PFD PFD it's so important

    Freshwater General Discussion
    well we went out to fish for some soc's and end up catching one soc ,rescueing a boat of 5 people who ran into a sand bar in a fiberglass boat the only ones wear a pfd was the kids but those parent should have them on too.as we we're helping them we heard some yelling up river for some help i...