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  1. Region 3 - Reports
    Tried the Knutsford area with hope of hitting a new lake that a member on here made me aware (thanks bronjuan) of but the wind was gusting pretty good up in the foothills so I decided to go up Tranquille to Red Lake which I know holds big fish but I had only been to in the hardwater season...
  2. Member Introductions
    how's it going? just saying hello. I don't know what was so wrong about my first intro. why was it deleted? I was just being honest and now i've decided to become a contributing member. look forward to learning more about my hobby from you all.
  3. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I just got into the salmon fishery last year around October and I'm still relatively new to the whole fishing game. my method is short drifting all sorts of lures and bait and my weapon of choice is a 10'6 drift rod medium action. See you all on the river in the weeks to come...
  4. Member Introductions
    RickB, Thank-you for the nice welcome. I was in Skidegate the summers of '62 and'63. Stayed with rhe Kendalls. Leaving today for Loon Lake. Taking our trailer. Last trip of the seaaon. Jim47
  5. Saltwater General Discussion
    Daily angler reports can be found in the "Freshwater Angler Reports Section" or the "Saltwater Angler Reports Section" upon obtaining 20 or more posts. Posting the typical "nice post dude!" or “I agree”, just so they can reach member status or view the angler reports, is not permitted. As it is...
  6. Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello BC Angler, Just signed up as a new member of BCFR. Great site and serious anglers and sportsman. Nice change from others - a guy gets tired of the "crabs" jokes. Just moved to Kelowna and going to take a 14 day sailing trip to Desolation Sound. I lived for 8 years in Alaska and...
  7. Member Introductions
    Hi there all My name is Ralf and I am kind of new to BC but lived for 20 Years in Ontario. Originally from Germany and loving the fishing here in Canada. Hope to get a lot of information and will also give back to this forum. Take care and Petri Heil
  8. Member Introductions
    Enjoying the site. Seems like quality members and quality posts. Looking forward to reading and contributing.
  9. Member Introductions
    hello! just wanted to say hi! another new member.. looking at taking a trip into bc for some fishing with my girlfreind.. :) looking foward to talking more with you all! take care -trevor m
  10. Saltwater General Discussion
    Outta here in the morning. New windows are installed at the house........still running around like an idiot and have to touch base with sarg!! Fishing sounds kinda medicore right now but I have the game boy dusted off (...
  11. Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    We're farming for the future.... The title of this post and statement above are both on the front of a big multi page advertisement that was inserted into my wife's August (early delivery) CANADIAN LIVING MAGAZINE. This is from the salmonfarmers.org people. It is a very large (13 X19, 4 double...
  12. Member Introductions
    Found this site while looking for info on Salmon fishing. Heading up to Kitimat for the first two weeks in July. First time in that part of the country for me. Have never "river fished" for salmon before. I do a fair bit of fishing out here in Alberta, mostly walleye. Have my own Trout pond in...
  13. Member Introductions
    Greetings all . Long time salt and freshwater fisher.Always interested in new places and techniques.Planning a trip to Merrit area anybody fly fished for Kokanee? Lowermainland is my home. salmon j
  14. Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Ian and I live in Courtenay. I was born in the England and moved to Canada Feb 2008. Since I arrived I have been lake fishing twice and salmon fishing on the Puntledge River several times. Would like to learn more about fishing as this is all new to me. When living in England I...
  15. Member Introductions
    My name is Sean, boat is 21'6 Northriver hence NR21 username. I live in Langley, and I fish the Fraser and local lakes. I would like to learn how to sturgeon fish.
1-15 of 23 Results