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  1. [FISHING REPORT] tunkwa June 25/26

    Region 3 - Reports
    Move on to Tunkwa for a little camping June 25-27 and ran into the BC Outdoors "Fishing with the pro's weekend". Looked at the lake to see the algae bloom starting to happen. Once again the weather was very unsettled and fishing seemed to be quite slow. Most of the "expert" lake guys were...
  2. [FISHING REPORT] May 12-17: Kane, Morgan and Scuitto lakes

    Region 3 - Reports
    I spent a week up in Kamloops covering the dates above and fished the indicated lakes. May 12: Lower Kane lake I stopped at Lower Kane on the way up, arriving at about 2pm. I was using my v-boat, as my pontoon was in Kamloops at my sister's place. I put in about 4 hours on the water...