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  1. Crud in Gas Tank

    Boating Forum
    I brought my boat to the shop to have the gas tank cleaned to remove crud and all they did was drain it. When I inspected it at home there is still crud in it. I would have done a far better job had I known this is what an Hour of work by the shop would be like. I did ask to have it Cleaned out...
  2. Was at Duncan Bar yesterday....

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Had an hour to kill Sunday am so took a drive down to Duncar bar to watch all the socs still jumping! Sitting there I noticed a boat slowly coming down river, being pushed by the current.... as the boat got closer, I saw it was a 12-14' tin, motor raised and no one in it! Has anyone heard of a...
  3. Oil changes when boat is in the water

    Boating Forum
    I know this may be the wrong section to post this, but I figure the majority of boaters who keep their boats in the water 24/7 are people in the chuck. I am wondering if one is able to do oil changes and leg oil changes (outboard motor) when a boat is in the water. Would an oil pump be...
  4. What does the 'daily limit' mean to you?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'd like to point out and remind everyone that the daily limit IS the DAILY limit! This morning on my way out from Ambleside, I ran into a couple guys in a small aluminum boat who were on their way home after limiting out in a couple hours (I know this because they couldn't stop bragging). I...
  5. August 29th. Elk Lake report

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Well I got to take out the new toys. Motor ran well and boat isn't much different from the Zodiac. Looking forward to finishing break-in period tomorrow,as then I can take it to the ocean for some crab and maybe a little mooching around James Island. Started today fishing northwest side of Elk...
  6. BF2 Honda motor

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    Hi all, I'm thinking of dumping my old saltwater Merc and getting a new BF2 Honda. Does anyone own such a model and if so,what is your opinion of it? I'd also like to know how long it would take to burn through 1L. of fuel. That is the amount the overhead tank holds? thanks,oldman.
  7. Beginner flyfishing gear

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I would like to take up fly fishing. First of all I'll need the right equipment. I have the boat,motor and plenty of time and patience. All suggestions/tips,etc. are greatly welcome. Can this be done without breaking the bank? Let's say I want to spend $250 at the most. Is that enough for...
  8. I can’t fish: Help! Heading to the Shushwap, need tips!

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I totally don’t know what I’m doing and would like some advise…. Help me! I am heading up to Shuswap Lake and would like to do some fishing, but I don’t have a bloody clue what I’m doing. I am not a fisherman. Usually I have a actual angler to set me up and tell me the rules and such. I have a...
  9. Newbie

    Member Introductions
    Hi My name is Jock Weir. I'm not new to fishing but just moved from a 12' aluminum with an electric motor to a 1725 Lund with a 115 Merc, T8 Yamaha & a 70 lb Minnkota bow mount. I was expecting a steep learning curve but so far so good. Fishing Kinbasket Reservoir near Golden. Looking...