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  1. Region 8 - Reports
    After countless hours trolling on Okanagan Lake with little to no success I parked the boat and made the long journey down south to the Okanagan River for some bass fishing last weekend. I have to say after a little searching... there are spots on this river INFESTED with bass!! Non stop action...
  2. Region 8 - Reports
    So I have to admit I dont know who exactly organized it, or if any bcfr members took part in it, but yesterday there was a fishing derby on the Okanagan lake which I, along with my stepdad and a friend took part in. We started at 8 sharp from Summerland. Besides stopping in Westbank to pay fees...
  3. Region 2 - Reports
    Coming down to the Harrison from the Okanagan for the upcoming weekend. Primarily fly fishing, and we have a boat to get up and down river. Anyone been out on the Harrison lately? Any suggestions, and any feedback on how it's been lately is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Sparky
  4. Region 8 - Reports
    Was such a sunny day when I woke up in Kelowna today I had to head out to do some shore fishing! I took the dog with me and arrived at Okanagan Centre around 10AM. Hopped the pesky fence they have put up half way down the pier (the dog just fit underneath the edge). I started out the day float...
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    Greetings all, Just after some advice on a good lure/plug etc.. for slow lake trolling. I currently use Lyman's and the occasional Apex spinner, all about 4" long for bigger rainbows with a nice long leader (20'+). I use 4-6 ounce weights and go real slow, I get a fair amount of bites and the...
  6. Aboriginal‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): ABORIGINAL - Salmon: Economic Opportunities Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0647-Aboriginal Economic Demonstration Fishing Opportunity - Okanagan Nation Alliance- Osoyoos Lake Current projections of escapement of Okanagan Sockeye past Wells Dam exceed...
  7. Fly Fishing Discussion
    hey guys anybody in the okanagan ever fished ruth lake, or jackson lake? lately cheers Nick
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    hey all, im very new to fishing and currently looking for gear.:) i currently live in Kelowna, and have been wandering around wood, duck and okanagan lake looking for good fishing spots. what kind of bait or lures do you all recommend for trout spincasting? any retailer recommendations would...
  9. Fly Fishing Discussion
    hey everyone im headin out to this lake here for may long. if anyone has fished it and can advise some flies (and weather i should use a floating or sinking set up) for a fisher still finding his stride that would be awesomeness, i hope you all have a great weekend.
  10. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I somehow doubt it, but hope that I'm posting this in the appropriate section. I didn't see another place to post derbies. There will be a fundraising fishing derby & family day taking place on August 15th on Kalamalka Lake (headquarters will be Kaloya Park). The funds raised...
1-10 of 10 Results