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  1. The Fisherman's Boxing Week Sale, THE BIG LIST

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    Pacific Angler Boxing Week Sale Pacific Angler would like to invite you to the sale event of the year, this is truly the Fisherman’s Boxing Week Sale! From Wednesday, December 26 to Monday, December 31 Pacific Angler will be offering once a year savings that you do not want to miss. With...
  2. Pacific Angler Blog, "How to Cure Salmon Roe"

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    Dimitri’s “How to Cure Salmon Roe” As some of you salmon anglers may already know there is a shortage of pro-cured roe in the Lower Mainland. But have no fear, preparing your own roe is not as hard or complicated as it may seem. Follow these easy to follow steps to prepare your very own roe...
  3. Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, July 20

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, July 20 2012 Pacific Angler Outlook: Welcome to the Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report. The staff at Pacific Angler is proud to be your source for British Columbia fishing information. The relatively hot temperatures for the last 2 weeks have slowed down...