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  1. Looking for fishing buddy near Courtenay

    Member Introductions
    This post is for my Dad, who unfortunately, has lost a couple of fishing buddies over the past few years (for clarity - nothing he did!! :)). He lives near Courtenay, has a great boat, loves the ocean and has been fishing and exploring the coast for 40 years. The perfect fishing buddy for him...
  2. Looking to get out fishing for salmon/hali in victoria

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi, I am looking to find someone with a boat that is looking for people to fish with in victoria. I LOVE fishing i just can not afford to have a boat. I am looking for a cheaper way to get out then normal charters. Maybe just splitting gas and other expenses. I dont have a ton of experience...
  3. Oct.14 tidal fraser

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hit the river in my 12 ft. with a buddy at about 1pm today. Hooked up a double header in the first 15min !!! We had a pretty steady day with 3 wild coho to hand for me and a real beauty stole my fav spoon in classic aerial style. My partner landed 1 and lost 3 on the day and only once we were...
  4. Looking for a partner who wants to head to the valley from Vancouver

    Hookup a Partner
    Hey there, I am a fairly experienced fisherman but haven't fished the Vedder / Harrison that much. I work for myself and would like to find someone who wants to head out / meet up for a day of fishing. I am available most weekdays and every second Sunday. If you want to go explore and hunt...
  5. Luke Skywalker seeks Obi Wan

    Hookup a Partner
    I have a 2005 192 Bayliner cuddy on a trailer w/ manual drs,a few rods reels , gps,fish-finder, vhf etc. I think I have tall the gear, what I lack is practical experience in the salt-chuck trolling w DRs.I I have Lots of buddy's who are willing to go out with me, but they have less experience...