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  1. Flyfishing Mabel lake, any ideas?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Next week I will be heading off to Mabel lake for a camping trip with some buddies before the winter hits. Since I mostly fish mountain lakes, I am not used to fishing on big lakes so I need a few hints. I would rather use my fly rod than my spinning rod, but I think that this might limit me...
  2. First white on the spey

    Contributer Discussions
    Picked up the two hander for some r&r and hit the vedder hoping to hook up with something substantial. Spent some time walking and exploring to get away from the crowds and get to know the river a bit. Found lots of nice water away from the gong shows and hooked into three springs and what I...
  3. Anyone fished the Adams river mouth?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I recently came across this video, and got interested in fly fishing the mouth of the Adams with an egg pattern for rainbows. I am wondering though, when using egg patterns, if you should use an indicator on a 9ft leader and floating line or use it without an indicator. It would also be...
  4. Chum in the salt/Migratory patterns

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Hi All, So we all hear of beach pinks and beach coho, and maybe the odd beach spring...but has anyone seen beach chum? I've never heard of them being caught in the salt...what's the deal? I'd assume the beaches toward squamish would produce some...advice? and the secondary question to...
  5. Fly or Spey for Sockeye in Lillooet?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey gents was thinking of taking my spey or single hander up to Lillooet to try and get some sockeye instead of the gong down in Hope. Just wondering if any of you have some advice as to location? The mouth of the Seton River looks pretty inviting and have heard of guys fly fishing from Lillooet...
  6. kootney area lakes?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    A buddy and I are heading up to a couple of lakes around dragon lake in sept, we have never fished up there before and was wondering if any buddy had any tips for chronie patterns,sizes or any help would be gratley apreciated...
  7. [FISHING REPORT] Big OK (Island) Lake

    Region 3 - Reports
    Got there 10 pm Fri night. Sat was excruciatingly slow until the evening sedge hatch between 8 and 10 pm which was insane.12 fish in 2 hours. Sunday, more of the same. Searching during the day with mayfly nymph patterns, chironomids, damsel and Tom Thumbs got the odd fish including a 4 lber on a...