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  1. Beach fishing question

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Im looking for a fly rod mainly for beach fishing and found 2 rods im interested in. 1 is 9 ft and the other is 10ft. Is there much of a difference between them? Pros and cons of both?
  2. [FISHING REPORT] Howe sound 7/5/15

    Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Fished for 35 mins or so when I was at a beach with my family testing a new rod. Several casts later... They definately havent came in numbers yet no sign of anything other than some cutties blowing up on some fry/small fish.
  3. Lost pinks?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hiked up furry creek to watch spawning springs and to my surprise i see 7 pinks! They seemed alot smaller and more colorfull than usual pinks.Are they lost? or a small not well known run? Will try take a pic on saturday.
  4. Any report for Richmond area pinks?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Going tomorrow see if i can get one or two haven`t been there this year so I don`t how the fishing has been. Trout,:cheers:
  5. Pink salmon info needed!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Anyone know when the retention for the pinks in the Howe sound opens? Im going out today see if I can catch a early pinkie.
  6. Squamish Salmon run Over?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I heard there were pinks moving through the last 2 weeks. I'm heading up there over the weekend with my trout rods but wondering if I should pack some Salmon gear just in case ?? :) Any news as of late? Tom
  7. Campbell River and surrounding area - Pinks, etc.

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello Folks I'm a new member to BCFR, and as I haven't got access to all of the reports yet, I'd like to pop a question out there to you folks: Are there any relatively quiet, yet good spots to fish the freshwater for Pinks, (and any other salmon) around Campbell River at present? I've never...
  8. Salmon on the Island.

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, How are the runs heading into the river where everyone lives, The Cowichan is, supposedly, having some chum and coho show up, but cant verify. The pinks are all but gone, few left in the bay but are very developed. So how are the salmon in the flows you guys fish? Clayton
  9. Vancouver Island Saltwater Fishing Report - Sept 22, 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    OVERVIEW – Salmon fishing was FAIR TO GOOD this past weekend from Port Renfrew through East Sooke. There are a few big springs around and a pretty good number of smaller ones. Some pinks and hatchery coho are also showing up in the mix. Halibut fishing was SLOWER this past week. Port...
  10. smoking fish

    Saltwater General Discussion
    anybody have a good recipe for indian candy? used the one on salmon university web site last year on some pinks we caught was ok but like to try another thanks in advance.
  11. [SEEKING INFO] South Island Beach Fishing

    Region 1 - Reports
    Anyone south of naniamo been fishing on the beaches, any coho being seen yet. I assume the pinks are all real dark by now.
  12. New Setup

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Greetings all, I am new to fishing, havn't fished in 20 years so I consider myself new since I remember nothing. I want to get a spinning rod setup that I can use for everything from Lake Trout to Pinks in the river, but am unsure of what I need for a rod and line. What line weight...
  13. September 1st Fishing Report Kitimat Region BC Canada

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Halibut, Salmon, Crab and Steelhead. The past few weeks have kept us very busy and time to write a report has been non-existent. So with a few days off before the Irish flood the lodge with laughter, cheers, Lepricons and tight lines we are getting boats ready to go. We operate with 5...
  14. Vancouver Island Saltwater Fishing Report August 29, 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    OVERVIEW – Salmon fishingwas EXCELLENT this past weekend from Port Renfrew through East Sooke. Sockeye Fever has hit the lower Island although the numbers of sockeye caught this past week are down. There haven’t been too many big springs caught but they are still around. Some pinks and hatchery...
  15. Looking for a awesome fshing trip

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Once a year we do a father son fishing trip. We have been to the island numerous times for springs and coho, but have a smaller boat now.. and fraser twice for pinks and strurgeon. And now were planning another trip for sometime in september maby october...... Right now, our ideas are the upper...
  16. Vancouver Island river fishing in September

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Well, the Pinks seem to be in the final stages in the Campbell. The Puntledge is virtually in my backyard, but is closed till Oct 1st. Being a new addict to the river scene on the Island, I need some dope for September, and don't know where to find it! Where's the good fishing in Sept? I saw...
  17. Where are the pinks in BC?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Cutt / trout streams on western Vancouver Island I'm from the US and have not fished in BC before. I am looking for suggestions for streams close to the Campbell River area that are good for cutts or rainbows and have decent bank/ shore access. I'm planning to fish mainly for pinks but want a...
  18. Campbell river area pinks

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm new to fishing in BC and am planning a trip to the Campbell River area next weekend to fish for pink salmon. Does anyone know if they will still be around and somewhat fresh at the end of the week? Would the coho be in that area as well? Thanks.
  19. Hello

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone... I'm the latest Noob! Originally an East Coaster (New Brunswicker), I transplanted to Courtenay, BC in 2007. My line of work has had me living in various locations across our great country, so I've had the opportunity to try various Canadian fishing grounds. I grew up...
  20. Chum in the salt/Migratory patterns

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Hi All, So we all hear of beach pinks and beach coho, and maybe the odd beach spring...but has anyone seen beach chum? I've never heard of them being caught in the salt...what's the deal? I'd assume the beaches toward squamish would produce some...advice? and the secondary question to...