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  1. Alaska Chinook Bycatch - Again!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishermen in the Gulf of Alaska have accidentally caught an estimated 58,336 king salmon this year, an unprecedented level of bycatch that could lead to new fishing restrictions. In recent years the Gulf of Alaska’s bycatch numbers have hovered around 20,000 fish. This year’s numbers surprised...
  2. large arbor fly reels are awesome

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm new to using a large arbor fly reel and just had to say how much I really enjoy fishing it. Mine is a Snowbee Geo but the make probably secondary to my point in this post. Being able to catch up to a crazy coho that runs at break-neck speed from 100' out to inshore, goes around behind me...
  3. Bent Rods jigs for Chum

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hi folks. I first would like to thank everyone for supporting our product by purchasing our jigs and spinners, thank you very much people. I just wanted to mention that I had received a email about a fellow who had problems with hooks bending on Chums. These were 1/0 sickles in pin and bead...
  4. [FISHING REPORT] Similikameen

    Region 8 - Reports
    Well, last weekend, Wendy and I headed out of town to Manning Park for one last weekend in the trailer. We had just buried her Dad the week before, and seriously needed a decompression from the past month of worry and grief. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with no clouds in the sky night...
  5. We all look better in shades

    Contributer Discussions
    I can't wax as poetically as Ribwart, Fishortho and others so foregive me (and my lack of spell check). Out Saturday A.M. the concert beacons (headlamps and flashlights lifted and lighted the trail), marking the meat/honey holes; no fires so I guess the camping was at a minimum. Worked my way...
  6. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder River - Sept. 30th

    Region 2 - Reports
    I headed out for first light this morning. Started down by Keith Wilson. I don't know the river very well, if at all, so my day was pretty experimental. The water was high and fast, in comparison to the one other time I headed out a couple years ago. I had my pin, so it was hard to get my...
  7. out of commission- boat stolen (recovered but damaged) Would like to go out cpl more.

    Hookup a Partner
    >:(Hello, Boat was stolen and found with some damages, so its comming out of the water. I would be interested in going out a cpl times before season ends -would pay half the fuel and that sort of thing. Point Grey, Tswassen etc..... Phil
  8. Presentation for fly-fishing salmon on Fraser Tributaries

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm fairly new to fly fishing and have only tried fly fishing for salmon in rivers of the lower mainland a few times. Can anyone point me to resources on learning good presentation for salmon? Is it heard of to use indicators for salmon? Without indicators, I get confused in my mending, on...
  9. Pontoons in the chuck!?!?

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the board, and since i've joined i've spent months working out of town away. I'm back now, and am trying to get in as much fishing as I can! I've been hitting the beach's a bit lately doing some exploring, and I've come to a point where I'd like get into a boat...
  10. Sockeye Fishing at T-10: A Few Questions

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, As I posted in seabouy's thread (sorry I don't have enough posts to link yet), I tried my luck at T-10 yesterday. I didn't catch anything, but the weather was nice and I got to watch a fantastic sunset. Anyways, I just had a few questions, as I'm new to fishing T-10 (usually just...
  11. [FISHING REPORT] Sept 10th-13th Kalamalka and Beaver Lake

    Region 8 - Reports
    Launched at Kekuli bay on Fri and scooted over to the cliffs (south), went at 630am so I started flatline trolling with a lovely #3 pink/white Lyman Kokanee plug and 2ounce slipweight around 15' apart, within 30 mins I had a lovely 2 pound Koke thrashing on the surface! - thanks for the tip...
  12. Where to fish this coming weekend???

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Help! This is maybe a tall order but I've got a friend driving out this weekend for a couple of days of fishing with me on my little 16 ft runabout. I'm in Yellow Point (Nanaimo) and have not had any success lately. Just some grilse. I'm fairly new to trolling the salt so I'm really...
  13. Porlier Pass and west of.....

    Saltwater General Discussion
    How is this area fishing right now? Anyone been through lately? Any tips for the area. I live in Yellow Point and would like to find a close fishery. Thanks.
  14. Spinner / Spoon Techniques

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Want to try casting spinners and spoons for cohos later in the fall. What is the best technique (s) ? Is it just cast and retrieve ? Do you cast quartering upstream and let it swing ? Do you point your rod tip at your spinner on the swing ? Upstream ? Downstream ?
  15. FN0805-COMMERCIAL Salmon: - Seine Area A - Chum - Opening‏

    Commercial‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Seine Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0805-COMMERCIAL Salmon: - Seine Area A - Chum - Opening Area 7 Seine – Area A SN open 13 hours, 07:00 to 20:00, Monday Sept 13, in Subarea 7-17 north of a line from a boundary sign located...
  16. Good spots from shore around Vancouver?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello All, I live in N. Vancouver and have tried Ambleside in W. Van a couple of times for salmon, but got schneidered (caught nothing) both times. I don't have a car and am wondering if there are any other good places to fish from shore (for salmon--or any other species--I'm getting desparate...
  17. Sockeye by Sandheads

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Me and my dad fished on friday at 6 in the morning and got 1 sockeye and then when out around 5 and caught another sockey. Then the next day it was way to windy by sand heads, so then on sunday the 6th we went out around 3-6:30 in the afternoon and we caught 8 sockeye all together! At one point...
  18. Too early for some action at the Stave?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Took a drive up today and noticed a dozen or so "casual" fisherpeople. Is there any point giving it a whirl tomorrow? just want to dust the cobwebs off my pin and see a float amble down the current... would like to see a little action though!
  19. Hello

    Member Introductions
    Hello all, First off, I would like to thank you for this excellent site. It is a great place to network with similar like minded people of all experience levels. I have fished the lower mainland area for about 40 yrs in both the chuck and local rivers, with the exception of fly fishing which...
  20. Where is the Scale Bar Located in Hope

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Ok so I gave in and finally bought a expensive salmon rod as well as 60lb braided line. I got my leaders all set I am planning on going out to the (haig?)Scale Bar in hope...ive tried googleing it out BUt no sucess...could anyone pls point in the right direction as to how to get there or...