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  1. How/where do you store your boat??

    Boating Forum
    Buddy of mine and I were talking about access to your boats..... I am lucky enough to have side yard access that I gravelled, put up one of those portable Costco garages and have my boat 6' from my garage door..... My buddy on the other hand has a long drive to his boat, then an even longer...
  2. How to keep young punks busy while salmon fishing???

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I've had the unfortunate bomb dropped on me that I now have to spend a week with the young punk demco99 in Kyuquot. :p For those that fish with kids on the chuck how do you keep them busy? ??? Puzzles? Bring a portable DVD player with Dora the Explorer DVD's? Lego? Colouring books with...