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  1. Saltwater General Discussion
    Anybody been catching around the cap lately? I was out Friday and Saturday and didn't get a sniff. It seemed pretty quiet as far as boats go to. Just wondering if there was something I'm missing? Again thanks for the input.
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    It's sad one can't let a reel sing. You know, the sound that increases your heart beat a bit more than the tug, the run, the jump. (the adrenaline rush) I hate and love the mute on my baitcaster. I can fish stealth or, if I know I'm alone (not these days!) turn it on. Got some old reels I wanna...
  3. Region 2 - Reports
    Have had the coho itch for the last week brought on by the bits of rain that fell and the odd report of fish.Went out this morning to check a piece of water that caught my attention on an exploratory trip last weekend.A couple of other fishers were around,seemed pretty quiet.Tossed a colorado...
  4. Contributer Discussions
    Hey all, not much action in the reports section other than sockeye stuff, thought I'd give a heads up to our more long term members. Action is picking up on the vedder this last week or two for lots of white spring jacks and adults. Fish getting taken every day in the canal areas. No need to...
  5. Contributer Discussions
    Anything around this time of year? I know the chum won't move in for a while but wanted a quick trip out this weekend and some peace and quiet..... however watching the float getting pulled under would be nice :)
1-5 of 7 Results