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  1. Blank Recommendations - Batson Or Talon?

    Rod Wraps!
    I am thinking about building a rod for my friend who breaks rods so often. The size will be 10 and half feet and rating will be 10-20 pound line and more or less $100 will be spent for the blank. He fishes mostly on Chilliwack - Vedder system. Which one do you think will last longer before...
  2. drift rod for Chilliwak river

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I am looking for a medium/light 10'6" drift rod, $100-300 range. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. Visiting BC with family -fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, please critique our itinerary

    Saltwater General Discussion
    We are planning a trip and found a seemingly nice place through the VRBO web site on Half Moon Bay (this is my part of the trip). We are from Florida and the closest we have been to here is Banff National Park area so need recommendations. Our trip itinerary is the following: Fly in to...
  4. Newbie in need of Help

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hello, I have a fair bit of past experience on the water but I recently purchased my first boat (21' Seaswirl Striper) and I could use a little advice. I've been out three times and i only have a bullhead and a grilse to show for it. I live in South Surrey but I'm willing to drive anywhere...
  5. Halibut Trip Recommendations

    Saltwater General Discussion
    My Dad has offered to take my son, brother and I on a halibut trip next spring. Not sure if spring is a good time. He is talking Alaska (Cook Inlet) for 3 fishing days or maybe someplace closer for a few extra days. I've (he either) never fished for halibut before, and am not sure we really need...
  6. Crabbing/Prawning in Vancouver Area?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hi BCFR! I think I need a little help. My grandparents are having a dinner in the middle of Sept and they've requested some fresh crab. I know that the commercial guys are out there right now, but will there be any left around during that time? I have a fairly long range with my boat and I'm...
  7. My First Salt Opportunity!

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey folks, A friend of mine has offered to take me out for my first time in the salt somewhere near Sydney. Needless to say I am going crazy trying to figure it all out. I was born and raised in Chilliwack so I have been river fishing my whole life but have to clue where to begin targeting...
  8. Wanted: last minute charter out of Port Alberni

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'm going to be over on the island on Monday with my kids, I think I'd like to take a half-day or possibly full day out of Port Alberni. I know it's very short notice, any recommendations would be appreciated. Or if your an operator and have an opening, let me know. Would need to accommodate a...
  9. Reel Recommendation?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So after a bad day on the river my reel broke after a bad spill wading. Anyone have a recommendation for a reel for chinook drift fishing. I prefer centerpin but anything works. Also any recommendations on a reel for bar fishing. Took out my old spinning bar reel and it's toast. I have 4 daiwa...
  10. Fly Fishing in Montana

    Angling Outside BC
    Hi everyone... i"m hoping that someone can provide me with a little advice on fly fishing in Montana. My wife and I would like to go down to Montana possibly in September of this year. Can someone recommend an area that we should go to. I was planning on hiring a guide for a couple of days and...
  11. Reels for Sockeye

    Freshwater General Discussion
    My dad is bugging me to take him sockeye fishing this year on the Fraser (if it opens). Can anyone recommend a fairly inexpensive bait caster reel?..like in the $150 range or so? Also line recommendations would be great too. Thanks.
  12. Tropical saltwater 10wt recommendations?

    Saltwater Tackle Talk!
    Hi folks, I'm looking at picking up a 10wt rod for tropical saltwater trips hunting permit, baby tarpon, etc. I am trying to get away once or twice a year to fish the flats. I'd like to keep the price point reasonable, say in the $300 range if I can get something serviceable. Attributes I'm...