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  1. Mooching Reels

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I just purchased a new Shimano Mooching Reel and was a little disappointed. Apparently all the new reels come with some drag, even when you loosen it off all the way? And when you crank it tight they still allow line to spool off? I like to have full control of the tension. I took the reel back...
  2. FN0569-RECREATIONAL - SALMON: Sockeye Hook & Release Pilot Mortality Study‏

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0569-RECREATIONAL - SALMON: Sockeye Hook & Release Pilot Mortality Study The Fraser Salmon & Watershed Program (FSWP) in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) is conducting the...
  3. River Coho Gear

    Freshwater General Discussion
    What kind of rod and reel should I be fishing coho with freshwater? I have a bunch of pike gear and Chinook bar fishing gear. I hate using 10 foot rods and my garcia 10000's seem like major overkill for coho. Will a 7 foot ugly stick med rod w spinning reel be good enough or do I need special...
  4. Reel Recommendation?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So after a bad day on the river my reel broke after a bad spill wading. Anyone have a recommendation for a reel for chinook drift fishing. I prefer centerpin but anything works. Also any recommendations on a reel for bar fishing. Took out my old spinning bar reel and it's toast. I have 4 daiwa...
  5. Baitcasting reel suggestions

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I'm looking for suggestions on a decent reasonably priced baitcasting reel. Am looking to primarily use it for chucking big hardware for pike in the near future. it will not see a whole pile of use every year, maybe a couple trips so I don't wanna break the bank on this one!:). Any suggestions...
  6. rod and reel suggestions

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for a rod & reel set for trolling with leaded line and a fly. This set up works well at a lake I' m going to fish at. I thought a 7' medium action rod and a trolling reel but I'm open to your ideas. Thanks
  7. Jones lake - getting biggerfish

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Have fished Jones a number of times and have caught many but the biggest is perhaps last trip where I released a pretty good cutthroat of maybe 17". I've heard there's 2 - 3 pounders in there and a couple of guys I talked to have said even up to 5lb but not sure about that. I've tried trolling...
  8. New rod for 2 rod setup?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi all, I currently have a Sage 3113 L w/ Cp for steelhead/coho/pinks on the smaller flows. I am wanting to get a high quality level wind setup for everything else ie. springs on the vedder/fraser. Suggestions on rod? I am thinking of Calcutta for reel. Thanks in advance
  9. Learning to fly fish

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I have been practicing fly casting now for a while and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where would be a good lake to actually CATCH fish - I NEED practice CATCHING now - lol. Maybe a catch and release lake or something like that? Any ideas? Thinking in the area from here - the lower...
  10. Reels for Sockeye

    Freshwater General Discussion
    My dad is bugging me to take him sockeye fishing this year on the Fraser (if it opens). Can anyone recommend a fairly inexpensive bait caster reel?..like in the $150 range or so? Also line recommendations would be great too. Thanks.
  11. Hats off once again to Pacific Angler

    OFF Topic
    Went out today to get a reel spooled on a spinning outfit I am taking over to Kyuquot. Went to a "store" that just relocated from down by Granville Island to slightly south of 4th Avenue in Vancouver. Walked into said "store".....which was close to my house and asked if they could spool some...
  12. Reel recommendations?

    Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I'm in the market for a new reel and I'm curious as to what your guys thoughts are on the Shimano Tekota reels. What are your favorite qualities of the reel over a Penn? Also welcomed a better choice than a Tekota. Cheers Josh
  13. Replacing the Reel Seat.

    Rod Wraps!
    Hey everyone, I'm curious about replacing a reel seat and fighting butt on one of my rods and was wondering what kind of process this is. Are there things I should check regarding the rod to determine if this is possible, and what kind of job am I in for? Any Info on this topic would be...