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  1. Boating Forum
    I picked up an older evinrude for my 14 ft tinny. does anyone know of a place to take it for service near burnaby? thanks!
  2. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I've got a fish'n buddy 2200 fish finder that died this spring...is there someone locally (Vancouver/Lower Mainland) who repairs these things?:(
  3. Boating Forum
    So I am looking to get into a bigger boat and am trying to really figure out if I want to go with an outboard or an I/O. Admittedly I don't know as much as I should on the subject so some of your opinions on the following criteria would be appreciated. Ok so lets assume identical HP, both in...
  4. Boating Forum
    I have inherited a 14 aluminum. It floats and works well, except... it has a leak. The wife does not like the water and is really nervous. I need some advice on how to stop the rivets along the main beam from leaking. any advice is appreciated thanks for your help.
1-4 of 4 Results