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  1. Pacific Angler Lake Reports July 2010

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Things have picked up with the warmer weather, particularly in the high elevation lakes, but it has been a double edge sword. The lower elevations have slowed down as the summer doldrums kick in and the fish head for the deeper and cooler water. This time of year expect to see some sedge...
  2. Tunkwa Lake, Pass Lake, Roche Lake July 9-11

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Tunkwa on July 9 evening major surface feed in evenings. Saw quite a few fish caught in spite of the heat. July 10 morning Tunkwa very hot again, less fish but bigger. July 10 evening Pass lake west of Kamloops, only saw 1 fish caught, 6#, big fish in Pass Lake but hard to catch(shocker!!). July...
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Roche Lake: June 7-10, 2010

    Region 3 - Reports
    Just got back from a 4 day stint at Roche with some friends. Fishing was spotty with the weather systems moving through. Wednesday was the worst with almost constant downpour. Yesterday, weather was improving...cloudy, but no rain and calm winds. The water surface remained between 55-58*F...
  4. [FISHING REPORT] Roche May 14-16

    Region 3 - Reports
    Got fish each day we were there. The fishing was spotty. The location seemed to matter more that the type of chironomid we were using. At one point we were all catching fish at the same spot using different chironomids. Hatches were taking place in about 5 or 6 feet of water. Weather was great...

    Region 3 - Reports
    May 6-10 water is low, down a foot from last year at this time. weather was sunny, cloudy, snowy but very dry. morning frost. the water was very clear and cold, doesn't look like it had turned over yet. fishing is still slow. the only thing under an indicator that was working were micro...