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  1. The Guide Journal, "Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report, June 29"

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Friday Salmon Fishing Report, June 29 First off, Happy Canada everyone. From the Pacific Angler Staff in the store and our saltwater guides we all hope you have a spectacular long weekend. And there is no better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than getting on the water and...
  2. Pacific Angler Guide Journal, June 25 & Weekend in Review

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Salmon Fishing, Monday June 25 & Weekend in Review Well the chinook fishing has been hot and heavy for the past 7 days. Our saltwater guides have been into fishing every trip which always puts a smile both on our guests and the guides. Last Wednesday and Thursday were definitely the...
  3. The Pacific Angler Guide Journal, "Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report for Friday June 15

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    The Pacific Angler Guide Journal, "Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report for Friday June 15 Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report for Friday June 15th 2012 What a day to be on a Vancouver salmon fishing charter! The winds are light and we are finally getting some sun! Eddie is out on a 5 hour charter...
  4. The Guide Journal, A Good Week of Fishing

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    The Guide Journal, A good Week of Fishing Yes, it has been a very solid week of fishing for the boys at Pacific Angler. Our head guide, Eddie, hooked into chinook throughout the entire week. The hump has been producing well for us this pas week. Eddie did well with a flasher and spoon...
  5. The Guide Journal "October 10th Update: Vancouver Saltwater"

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Hey there folks! It's time for the "after the long weekend" fishing report. Over the last 4 days, we've been fishing the local area hard and doing our best to hook fish at the best bet in town, the mouth of the Capilano River. Since our last Guide Journal entry, things have changed...
  6. The Guide Journal "Solid Fishing and Purple Onions"

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Well the solid fishing continues... The word is out that the big springs are in and the mouth of the Cap was packed on the weekend with the nice weather. Despite the crowds our boats did extremely well and hooked multiple chinook and clients had big smiles and soar arms! Guides Eddie and...