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  1. The Guide Journal, "Vancouver Saltwater Report, August 22"

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Saltwater Report, Wednesday August 22 The Vancouver salmon fishing has been hot and heavy over the last week or so. The coho fishing has been excellent especially if you are willing to get up at the very crack of dawn. However, the real story has been the amazing fishing for large...
  2. The Guide Journal, Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report for May 23 & 24th

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report for May 23rd and 24th We were out on the water on the 23rd and 24th in search of some Vancouver chinook salmon! On Wednesday the 23rd it was flat calm almost all day with crazy weather that alternated from hot to cold to sun to rain and on and on. The rain gear...
  3. Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, May 18

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, May 18th Pacific Angler Outlook: The hot weather made for some great fishing the last few days. Although the weather has also brought a few adversities for different fisheries around the province. Wind, whales and more wind slowed down the saltwater. Next...
  4. Pacific Angler Guide Journal, Mid May Report

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Mid May Report It is May 16th and the past 5 days the weather has been nice and sunny with clear blue skies. Although this means great weather in the city and on the patio, for the fisherman it often means we have to contend with some NW winds that come along with the high pressure system and...
  5. The Guide Journal, A Good Week of Fishing

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    The Guide Journal, A good Week of Fishing Yes, it has been a very solid week of fishing for the boys at Pacific Angler. Our head guide, Eddie, hooked into chinook throughout the entire week. The hump has been producing well for us this pas week. Eddie did well with a flasher and spoon...
  6. Winter Steelhead and Chinook, Pacific Angler Update

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Local Winter Steelhead & Chinook Update I was able to get out steelheading on the local rivers recently and found some fish! The rivers were all pretty high this weekend but most of them had good clarity and there are lots of fresh steelhead coming in! Many of our customers reported good...