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  1. Saltwater Professional Reports
    The halibut fishing has been the most consistent over the last few weeks. They have been on Inside and Outside Lighthouse bank, Outside South and Big Bank. They seem to be biting all times of the day. The Chinook fishing has continued to be spotty. Some days have been hot, but there have been...
  2. Saltwater General Discussion
    Ucluelet is one of our favorite places to go fishing on Vancouver Island for Salmon and Halibut. There are so many options at this magical West Coast adventure destination. The coast line is spectacular, rugged and wild. It feels remote yet you have access to the beautiful quaint town of...
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishing has been good overall with some really good bites mixed in. Both Coho and Chinook are being caught close to shore and offshore. The offshore restriction for Chinook was lifted starting yesterday (July 15) and the fishing didn’t disappoint. Both Chinook and Halibut were caught on Big...
  4. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Report July 2, 2019 Ucluelet BC The fishing went from being mediocre in mid June to having great numbers of Chinook running along the shore along with lots of feed to keep them there. The best part for avid fisherman is that the size has been larger than expected. Our guide Darren...
  5. Saltwater General Discussion
    Salmon fishing was fair this week. The fleet continues to work the area from Mears up to Austin island. Chinooks in the 5-7lb range have been plentiful many days with the odd tide of fish between 10-14lbs. Small spoons like the size 3 Maverick and cookies and creame have been the staples. Some...
  6. Saltwater General Discussion
    Salmon fishing started slowly this week with the odd productive tide at the red can. Fish from 6-15lbs were taken on small spoons from 90-120 feet. To the applause of anglers, a new wave of chinooks arrived on the south side of Barkley Sound in time for the weekend. The fleets from Ucluelet...
  7. Freshwater General Discussion
    Went for a scouting mission at furry yesterday. No signs yet. Any word on the limits this year?
  8. Vancouver Island
    May 23, 2017 There have been some unseasonably large Chinook taken this past week and most have been caught very close to the harbor—in fact the Red Can which sits just outside the harbor has been the hotspot the past few days. Chinook are also being caught in many different areas including...
  9. Freshwater General Discussion
    I only have a single handed 9wt. looking for some smaller waters to fish. I have hit the Kitimat and Copper but early September is still to early for coho?? Would love to find some different waters any suggestions?
  10. Saltwater General Discussion
    Has anyone used the new launch in Rennell Sound. Love to fish there with my 17 ft Aluminum Lund. I launch off of a trailer and heard that it can be a bitch if its windy.
  11. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, I found an interesting documentary on youtube based on the 2007-2013 Salmon decline due to the ISA virus. The video is long, but it goes into depth as to the coverup from the CFIA that are trying to keep the industrial fish farming alive without concern to wild salmon. As a...
  12. Freshwater General Discussion
    Why isnt there a new thread started?
  13. Buy, Sell or Trade - Classifieds
    sold thanks Pete
  14. Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    A good friend of mine, Scott Renyard has made a documentary about pacific salmon and the impact of fish-farms. Its premiering next weekend at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Thought some of you may find it interesting! If you like the trailer vote for it at the VIFF's website below...
  15. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello i am wanting to go fish in adams river and was wondering if i need a salmon lisence if i am using a normal spinning lure trying to catch trout. Also is it worth it to buy a salmon lisence for when i go?
  16. Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, Thinking about going to the tidal waters at Boundary Bay (Surrey) and I know the Coho runs can be pretty good down there but I was wondering when they come in? I heard mid-September was the best time to go... Would the first be in now? Thanks. :cheers:
  17. Freshwater General Discussion
    I am new to fishing and would like to fish in the Thompson river in the Kamloops area (no boat) I am wondering where are the best spots and what equipment I should use
  18. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I'm looking for some opinions on these two flies. I normally fish stillwaters and haven't been tying very long at all. I have only ever tied local such as chironomids, caddis, leeches etc. But I've never attempted flies for salmon or steelhead. These are my first two ever attempted which I...
  19. Saltwater Tackle Talk!
    Is anybody interested in a lure trade? I am hoping to find someone in another part of BC who wants to send each other our go to salmon lure. Than we can see how well it works in other places. Just an idea think it could be fun.
  20. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Report October 21, 2013 Fishing has slowed down for the season and the weather made it tough to get out most of the days in late September and early October. The weather recently has been beautiful though Salmon Eye Charters have pulled all their boats for the season and will start...