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  1. Rod Wraps!
    Decided to take on a fun project and build me a Rainshadow BP1265 downrigger rod. I am going with a Alps triangle reel seat and Tich guides with gold plating. She's coming along nicely so far!!
  2. Hookup a Partner
    I've got a charter booked with MikeD this Wednesday, Oct 13th and again on the 14th with one of his hookups. One of my group just bailed so if anyone wants to take the seat let me know. :cheers:
  3. Vancouver Island
    After reading the thread talking about Gary Cooper seeming a bit "giddy".....I figured I should throw up some pics from Nootka in early-mid August. http://www.bcfishingreports.com/forums/threads/16805-Any-one-choked.......?p=131886#post131886 I usually end up fishing with my GF on the bulk...
  4. Freshwater General Discussion
    I've hurt my back and am having a hard time handling my boat alone. If someone can help with launching and anchoring I have a seat free. (boat's only 14ft but wide, stable and comfortable. P/M me if interested. In Chilliwack.
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    Well, I've been watching this forum for the last couple weeks to see what was happening on the Vedder, and there hasn't been much on here, so -- with nobody sayin nothin..... I decided to just drive out there this morning and check it out. (Monday, August 9th). I figured since it was the...
  6. Freshwater Professional Reports
    With only 1- 2 weeks left for the Skeena and Kitimat Chinooks I have to report some of the nicest fish we put to the photo factory this summer, so far! It all comes down to the guides that work for us and this year we are quite happy with our line-up. Pics of Angling Guide Richard Pow and client...
  7. Fly Fishing Discussion
    I have been practicing fly casting now for a while and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where would be a good lake to actually CATCH fish - I NEED practice CATCHING now - lol. Maybe a catch and release lake or something like that? Any ideas? Thinking in the area from here - the lower...
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    Went to Loon lake with the family last weekend. Had a chance to fish with the kids on a few occasions. The highlight of my trip though is the morning before leaving back home, I decided to do one last fishing at first light. I hooked my first fish, had it right in front of my boat and next thing...
  9. Rod Wraps!
    Hey everyone, I'm curious about replacing a reel seat and fighting butt on one of my rods and was wondering what kind of process this is. Are there things I should check regarding the rod to determine if this is possible, and what kind of job am I in for? Any Info on this topic would be...
1-9 of 10 Results