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  1. Aug 6, 2015 - Sunrise at Capilano River Mouth

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I headed to the mouth of the Capilano River just before sunrise this morning to catch the low tide before work and found the bite was on! Brought in one Pink and lost a few. Many people were catching them and a few limiting out. Pink Buzz Bombs and pink spinners seemed to be working, with...
  2. [FISHING REPORT] Stave River Oct.7

    Region 2 - Reports
    The river is seriously slow, saw a bunch of people out there doing their usual snagging and couple of fly fisher. The spawning canal place only had like 3 fishes in there so i don't think its very productive fishing for awhile. But i manage to get out to stave river for an hour before sundown...
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Oct 7, 2010 - Upper Vedder

    Region 2 - Reports
    So got out pretty early, on the river by 0645, would have like to been earlier but had to stop at bank and gas station on the way...anyways, i started below Tamahi, Boulders?, not too sure of the exact name, worked that area up and down for about one KM, with roe, wool, blades for about 2...
  4. Chum jigs

    Freshwater General Discussion
    This quote is from Ribwart in a closed topic. "Here's a tip for those interested in hooking Chum regularly using sporting and effective techniques, fishing ethically and catching more than all those anglers that are...