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  1. Saltwater General Discussion
    I went for a walk along furry creek beach last night and around 5-6pm i saw a small boat with to men and it looked like they were trolling.Because they had downriggers and had bent rods.I was wondering what they were fishing for because i never seen any fish in may .(other than flounder,cutties...
  2. Freshwater General Discussion
    Looking for a good way to rig spawn eggsacks. Ive looked all over the net with no answers other then how to make them. I use 6 egg per sack thats the size of my thumb.I tried size 1 but kept breaking the mesh. thanks trout
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    I am departing Dawson Creek on May 11, heading for Quesnel Lake. This will be my first sojourn into the interior lakes. Have fished nearly every wet piece of ground in northern BC over the past 40 years, but May in the north it's always hard to find water that isn't still hard. Time to try...
  4. Freshwater General Discussion
    Just got home from the Vedder with yet another attempt at getting one of those (apparently) delicious red springs. I know it's getting a little late in the season, but I had a few hours today so I went for it. I caught one. A spring, that is. I could I.D it as a spring long before I got it...
  5. Freshwater General Discussion
    Anyone fished the Stuart river in Northren Bc? I've been fishing the nechako quite a bit here for dollys and gonna header up that way on the weekend. Just wondering if anyone still fishes back in there.
  6. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sport fishing column for Oct 25 to Nov 1, 2010 One of the keys to successful angling is analysis. I tell students in my fly fishing classes to analyze everything from start to finish, both good and bad, on every fishing trip. Analysis brings theory and theories proven or disproven bring...
  7. Region 1 - Reports
    I was up in Courtney for the evening and had an hour before meeting my buddy for dinner so I tried fishing at the wooden bridge at the end of Cliff. Before I made my first cast this year river fishing, I hooked into a 20lb spring... well it was before it started swimming upside down and had...
  8. Region 2 - Reports
    I don't normally do reports but I did have the week off and..... 3 days fishing: short floating roe. (almost wish it wasn't working so I could work on my Jigs and Spoons.) 7-8 hours with the bait in the water. 20 fish played, 8 landed, one keeper (10lb Coho doe) and a number of missed...
  9. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey my son took me sturgeon fishing on Sunday Oct 18th(Langley) Great sunny day--no kiddin for October Caught my first ever sturgeon, I think 5 feet kid says 4 feet --big fish good fight for my first. Gonna take weeks to get smile off my face. Tied up and fished next to 2 other BCFR members the...
  10. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sport fishing column for Oct 18 to 25, 2010 "In the best stories about fly fishing…big fish are caught, or lost; people say wild and spontaneous words; events become memory and sometimes; in the hands of a master, these bleed into art." Nick Lyons. Our BC angler's begin their years...
  11. Saltwater General Discussion
    Has anyone tried the Brad's baits? I purchased a couple last spring and gave them a try but was slipping and sliding in the boat when I tried to use the tuna and oil mix. What a mess!!! I wonder if trying again would be worth the effort. I must admit that I did not separate the tuna from the oil.
  12. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I know the cowichan is really touchy due to the spring "run" thats going through. Is there any pools in the lower reaches still fishable by law for either trout or some chum. Any info would be great, Id prefer not to have to go to skutz but I may end up doing that. Clayton
  13. Freshwater Tackle Talk!
    I've got a fish'n buddy 2200 fish finder that died this spring...is there someone locally (Vancouver/Lower Mainland) who repairs these things?:(
  14. Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sport fishing column for Oct 11 to 18, 2010 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was an age of wisdom, it was an age of foolishness," A Tale of two cities, Charles Dickens Every fall thanks to thirty years of good work in conservation, our rivers are filled with...
  15. Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey Everyone I have recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland. I would consider myself an experienced angler but it seems that the techniques used here, especially for salmon fishing are quite different so I suppose even after 15 yrs fishing back home I am in the newbie category. I joined...
  16. Region 2 - Reports
    The river is seriously slow, saw a bunch of people out there doing their usual snagging and couple of fly fisher. The spawning canal place only had like 3 fishes in there so i don't think its very productive fishing for awhile. But i manage to get out to stave river for an hour before sundown...
1-16 of 117 Results