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  1. Region 3 - Reports
    Fishing really was unbelievable today. Two really nice rainbows in the 20-22 inch range and shaped like a chinook, just pigs! Countless brookies up to two pounds. Yesterday was a bit slower. Alot of little guys in different areas of the lake but there are a couple holes where the bigger fish are...
  2. Fly Fishing Discussion
    A buddy and I will be doing a little tour at the end of next week between Merritt and Williams Lake area, we'll be hitting both lakes and rivers. I am typically a river fly fisherman, and haven't spent much time lake fishing. My 6 wt only has a floating line, do I need to pick up a 2nd spool...
  3. Contributer Discussions
    Hey guys, I am back from my 18 month stay in Japan and ready to get back at 'er. I am heading up to fish the Thompson around Ashcroft/Juniper Beach area from July 22-25. I haven't been for a couple of years, but I imagine the fishing is still stellar! Has anyone been up lately, if so how did...
1-3 of 3 Results