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  1. Boating Forum
    I am located in North Coquitlam. Where can I store a small boat (20ft), have it be secure, accessible and not outrageously priced? Thx
  2. Region 2 - Reports
    so finally i decided to get out and fish when my rod has been collecting dust for a long time. It was stupid of me to not bother to get new lines etc, cause i have no idea how long 2 years storage shelf will last. Apparently the big problem for me today was LOSING my hooks, i was tying them...
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    ok my 16 ft isnt gonna cut in for the long haul unless i find a 17 to 19 i feel confortable in im thinking of going bigger but then it looks like moorage. it seems to me after a few phone calls you may as well go to a 24 ft cause they will make you pay for that size anyway because of lack of...
  4. Saltwater General Discussion
    My buddy has a 24 ft Wahoo and a 40 foot bus style RV. He would like to park both in Ucluelet for the summer, specifically the months June, July and August. If any members have any advice on places, cheap deals or anything at all he'd be very grateful for the tips. Thanks, guys.
1-4 of 6 Results