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  1. Sturgeon Report - Fraser River

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river over the past 2 weeks has offered up some nice surprises including a 9 foot beast on May 6. Freshet is here and that means you can't fish anywhere now. Experience is needed during freshet to find fish.
  2. STS Guiding annouces 2016 seminar dates ( sturgeon and jet boat seminars )

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    2016 STS Guiding Sturgeon Seminar – We are once again offering our Spring Sturgeon Seminars, this seminar is 6 hours on the boat with one of our full time guides learning everything you need to know to be a successful sturgeon angler. We cover: best baits, sturgeon migrations, where , when and...
  3. Silversides Sturgeon Salmon Report Oct 18

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fraser Sturgeon Report Oct 18 Our Sturgeon charters couldn't be going any better! All of our guides are lighting em up and we are enjoying a fantastic season. This week we are seeing a lot of really fat fresh fish that are dishing out amazing battles full of jumpa and enormous power! Sturgeon...
  4. Fraser river Sturgeon report Aug 24, 2015

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fraser Sturgeon Fishing about to set on fire! Currently the fishing is great but....With the huge Pink salmon return entering the Fraser river the Sturgeon fishing will turn red hot! Fresh Sturgeon from the ocean will follow the Pinks up river and the bite will go nuts. I recommend you book your...
  5. Silversides Fishing Freshwater Report August 8th, 2015

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Squamish River: I have never seen so many Pink Salmon in the Squamish river in my entire life! A 2 hour evening flyfishing outing produced a Pink salmon almost every cast. All I was doing for 2 hours was fighting fish. And fresh ones. The secret: Don't drag the bottom and don't have super light...
  6. The Sturgeon fishing report from Silversides Fishing

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Hey fishers! Wow, we had some much needed rain and everything was happy. Including the Sturgeon. Our Friday Sturgeon charter out in Mission was grey, misty, raining, and cooler. But the fishing was hot. Not even 5 minutes into the trip and a beast was hooked into. It quickly exploded out of the...
  7. Fraser river Sturgeon fishing report by Silversides

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Hi guys and girls! Plenty of big fish this season! Sturgeon up to 12 ft coming in and lots of 7-9 footers over the past week are making lots of big smiles and sore arms. You must have the right baits or you're not going to get these picky monsters. We are getting good quality fish on every...
  8. Vancouver /Fraser Valley for May 31, STS Guiding

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver & Gulf Island Salmon Fishing Fishing has been up and down this past week, on Friday we landed 2 nice Chinook and a boat load of crab, Saturday was a tuff day producing no salmon but still lots of crab. Both days we fished the Gulf Islands in around Thrasher Rock area. South end of...