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  1. [SEEKING INFO] Harrison River Oct 23-25

    Region 2 - Reports
    Coming down to the Harrison from the Okanagan for the upcoming weekend. Primarily fly fishing, and we have a boat to get up and down river. Anyone been out on the Harrison lately? Any suggestions, and any feedback on how it's been lately is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Sparky
  2. Broken Rod Advice

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I have a broken pre-1994 Powell flyrod (graphite). A 600.00 rod when it was new, it carries a lifetime warranty but the Powell Co. has since changed ownership (Charles Schwaub) and their policy on the original rods is 50% upgrade on a new rod, which are pretty much just generic middle of the...
  3. Where to summer on Vancouver Island for fishing?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    My fiancee and I spent 6 days in Tofino in Aug. and we fell in love with it. We fished with a guide I know from Mexico and had wonderful fishing for salmon and halibut. We decided to spend several weeks up there next summer. We are going to pull a fully equipped boat up, fish for a week at a...
  4. Visiting BC with family -fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, please critique our itinerary

    Saltwater General Discussion
    We are planning a trip and found a seemingly nice place through the VRBO web site on Half Moon Bay (this is my part of the trip). We are from Florida and the closest we have been to here is Banff National Park area so need recommendations. Our trip itinerary is the following: Fly in to...
  5. A New Fishing Classifieds Website - fishingtrader.ca

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have started a new website titled, http://fishingtrader.ca I would love to get some feedback and suggestions to make it better. Please feel free to sign up and post a classified as it id free right now, cheers. :) Comment thread here...
  6. A New Fishing Classifieds Website - fishingtrader.ca

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have started a new website titled, http://fishingtrader.ca I would love to get some feedback and suggestions to make it better. Please feel free to sign up and post a classified as it id free right now, cheers. :)
  7. "on the water" reports

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Just wondering if there is or could be an easy way for fisherpeople (PC enough) to send and receive fishing reports while on the water. Like a BCFR app stricly for on the water reports where you could post where and when and how you are catching fish while on the water when you need it most...
  8. "Company Outing"

    Saltwater General Discussion
    So, my Boss comes to me and says he'd like to take the employees out fishing. He has a boat (50+ ft), some fishing gear and a desire to fish, but no knowledge. I'm a fisherman of sorts (kind of new to salt with some experience) and he is hopeing i can make this whole employee fishing get...
  9. Where to fish this coming weekend???

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Help! This is maybe a tall order but I've got a friend driving out this weekend for a couple of days of fishing with me on my little 16 ft runabout. I'm in Yellow Point (Nanaimo) and have not had any success lately. Just some grilse. I'm fairly new to trolling the salt so I'm really...
  10. fishing in Nanaimo area

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hello to all, I just started a new job in Nanaimo for next 2-3 months, get back home on weekends. Have a few hours after work during the weekdays and 'd be not bad to spend rest of the day some where on the lake/river/sea bar...with a rod. Does anybody have any suggestions/tips/advice of such...
  11. Bow River - 3rd week of September

    Angling Outside BC
    Hi guys, I am working in Calgary the third week of September, and have a day off while there to boot! what flies and areas would you recommend?...I'd prefer to walk/wade at a few choice spots (vs hire a guide)....haven't fished the river in 10 years.... would really appreciate any...
  12. Where are the pinks in BC?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Cutt / trout streams on western Vancouver Island I'm from the US and have not fished in BC before. I am looking for suggestions for streams close to the Campbell River area that are good for cutts or rainbows and have decent bank/ shore access. I'm planning to fish mainly for pinks but want a...
  13. Sockeye Fishing from a boat - Where?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey guys, Long time lake fisherman and north Vancouver island salmon and hali guy, but never spent any time around the Fraser or local waters fishing for salmon. With the sockeye coming in, I'd love to get out, but simply don't know where to go. Have an 18' double eagle, so don't want to get...
  14. Too many sockeyes/people to bar fish for springs?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Amazing to see so many sockeye in the river, and the crowds they brings with them but...I am wondering if anyone has been out bar fishing for springs in the last 2 weeks. I would like to spend some time with the wife relaxing and catching some springs. I have had my fill of sockeye this year...
  15. Beginner flyfishing gear

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I would like to take up fly fishing. First of all I'll need the right equipment. I have the boat,motor and plenty of time and patience. All suggestions/tips,etc. are greatly welcome. Can this be done without breaking the bank? Let's say I want to spend $250 at the most. Is that enough for...
  16. FN0673-Crab Sectoral Meeting Announcement - Nanaimo September 24, 2010‏

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): ABORIGINAL - General Information, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Crab, RECREATIONAL - Shellfish Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0673-Crab Sectoral Meeting Announcement - Nanaimo September 24, 2010 The next Crab Sectoral Committee meeting will take place at...
  17. [SEEKING INFO] First trip of the Year

    Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Heading out for my first trip this year. I have been very late on getting going, on holidays all of July! Going to try South Arm or T10. Any Suggestions? Lots of Sock's? Is it worth dragging an anchovy in hopes of a Spring? or just go for the Sockeye's?
  18. spincaster vs levelwind for sockeye: what are your thoughts?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I tried bottom bouncing for the first time last year on a trip to the upper fraser and now that sockeye are open look forward to getting out in the next couple of days. The guide that took us set us up with spinning reels but that was probably because everyone can use a spinning reel. I...
  19. Question on fishing around Tappen BC

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I'm heading up there soon and was wondering what nearby lakes could be producing this time of year. I've tried White Lake this time last year and the water was too warm for good fishing. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  20. [SEEKING INFO] Harrison River

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hello Fellow Fishemen/Women,, I am curious to know whether anyone has any current knowledge as to how the Harrison river is looking for Fishing? Currently I am unfortunately Boatless I wouldnt mind getting some decent trout fishing ,Salmon ,Sturgeon from ashore. Is there any nice spots/Info...