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  1. [FISHING REPORT] Vedder this week

    Region 2 - Reports
    I don't normally do reports but I did have the week off and..... 3 days fishing: short floating roe. (almost wish it wasn't working so I could work on my Jigs and Spoons.) 7-8 hours with the bait in the water. 20 fish played, 8 landed, one keeper (10lb Coho doe) and a number of missed...
  2. Mono vs Braided in the Vedder

    Freshwater General Discussion
    So after this summers crazy sockey run in the fraser i now have my reel full of 65 pound braided line. I know this is overkill for the vedder but is it nessary to switch back to mono? Is it possible for the fish to get spooked by my braided mainline because its much more visible than the mono. I...