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  1. finding your own market

    Saltwater General Discussion
    retracted as got a negative response
  2. braided line unraveling

    Freshwater General Discussion
    had one level wind spooled with fireline at army navy 2 weeks ago. got a small tangle in line while trying to undo with my fingers i noticed the braid was starting to unravel. with the line loose like that it seems the only thing i can do is cut it out. am going to call a/n wed. was wondering if...
  3. Epic day!

    Contributer Discussions
    Had a great day fishing a few Squamish tribs today! Landed a coho, 4lb dolly, 2 lb dolly, 3lb rainbow, a few more bows around 1 - 2 lbs, and ended the day with a chum that broke my sage 8wt in half!!! good thing for lifetime warranty!
  4. Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for October 6th 2010

    Freshwater Professional Reports
    Fish On! That is the cry being heard on lakes all over the area. Lundbom is producing well with dragons just off the shore under an indicator at about 8 feet deep. Roche and area lakes are producing as well. An olive damsel around size 12 seems to be good just about everywhere. Horseshoe is...
  5. Courtesy While Trolling

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I think I may need a course on courtesy whilst trolling. Today out at the Cap everyone was doing the back and forth very orderly, was very smooth. When the boat in front of me got a bite, he threw her into neutral and told me to go around him... His boat went sideways and F'd everyone up. I...
  6. Right or Way on Saltchuck

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I had this situation happen to me a while back, and it's still kinda bothering me. I was trolling out at the Cap, and it was pretty busy out there. I do my best to keep out of people's way, and really try to anticipate what the other boats are going to do. I rarely get upset with people who...
  7. [FISHING REPORT] my other local flow.

    Region 2 - Reports
    well....looks like it rained. ;-) the river was UP and brown. vis was about 2'ish. Started early with some gymnastics to get in to where i wanted to be. once down the stairs it was all boil and trouble. fished roe on my new 9' Loomis gl 2. perfect rod for the day as i ended up bushwhacking down...
  8. [FISHING REPORT] bar fishing pegleg

    Region 2 - Reports
    was out friday with a friend to pegleg. went to north side, had whole thing to ourselves. fished for 6 hours with spinglows, no takers. good day to be out warm weather light rain. lots of sockeye passing through. was wondering when not using bait with spinglows are the odds against you for...
  9. Albion Test Nets

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was just comparing last years test numbers compared to this years just to get an idea of what the chum situation's looking like, and it turns out the numbers showing up this year have at least doubled over from last year at this same time, which is good news. However, the main thing I noticed...
  10. out of commission- boat stolen (recovered but damaged) Would like to go out cpl more.

    Hookup a Partner
    >:(Hello, Boat was stolen and found with some damages, so its comming out of the water. I would be interested in going out a cpl times before season ends -would pay half the fuel and that sort of thing. Point Grey, Tswassen etc..... Phil
  11. Embeded Video Problems?

    Site Features, News & Issue Information
    Hey Rick Just wondering if there's an issue with embeded video? I tried to embed this link into a post but the rendered post (in the preview at least) displayed an unrelated video - Ghostrider Teaser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzPnnKhTSbA I notice that the source code of the...
  12. No boat, Harrison Mills Area This Weekend

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I'm off with some friends for a golf weekend at Sand Piper, near the Harrison mills area. Funny thing... I can't golf as I am still taking it easy after a summer back issue. I'm looking at going fishing (sans my boat) on Sat/Sun. Anyone have some ideas for me. I am setup for bar or fly fishing...
  13. Consolation

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I take a day off last Friday, to try my luck in Peg Leg. I've stayed for a few minutes 'till I hook one and try to bring it to shore right away. While it was very close to the shore, there's this duo (ADULT) with camper claiming I snag their line and it was their fish. So I apologized and tell...
  14. Aft steering wheel???

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I was up in Ukee for a charter not that long ago and saw the coolest thing. A few boats had an additional steering wheel mounted Aft. Does anyone know anything about this? How difficult it is to add, maybe you know a mechanic that installs this kind of thing? I do a fair amount of solo fishing...
  15. double eagle advise appreciated

    Saltwater General Discussion
    thanks guys i really appreciate the advise. the whalers out it looks like a double eagle . there seems to be a lot of 16 footers out their but if anyone has fished in various years/ hp/ lengths i would appreciate any feedback really dont want to go thu the whole buying,selling,rigging thing...
  16. Barbed vs Barbless

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I don't really understand why DFO bans barbed hooks for salmon fishing but allows them for ground fish. I always use barbless hooks no matter what species I'm targeting. From my experience it's a lot easier to keep a bottom fish on a barbless hook than a salmon, and I usually end up having to...
  17. the quiet, calm areas of the fraser for shore fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I've avoided the Fraser entirely for about 10 or 12 years. The Gong Show I saw down there the few times I did go back in the late 90's left such a bad taste in my mouth I just never went back. That means that I have NO idea what bar is what bar or where or how busy they are. Generally, I...
  18. Dilema?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I was out with my father-in-law today and we quickly had 6 sockeye in the cooler... I told him that I thought we should bring up all but one rod because we'd had our share of double headers throughout the day and didn't want to go over the limit, just as I said this a fish took one of the three...
  19. User Reputaion

    Site Features, News & Issue Information
    Hey everyone, just want thank everyone who uses the Reputation feature found underneath a post. I have noticed a lot of members using this feature lately which is great and I wish more members would take advantage of this feature. The one thing I have noticed that is becoming more and more...
  20. [FISHING REPORT] Very First Steel on the Fly!

    Region 2 - Reports
    I know everyone is in the sockeye right now, but man oh man...I have to share this! We took a kid and his mom out fishing today and they had a blast with small bows. I left my 5 wt at home thinking maybe I can get lucky with a salmon on my 8wt. So while they were fishing, I thought I'd try a...