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  1. Saltwater Professional Reports
    With the world events that happened the past 6 months, we ended up opening up later than normal and just did our first trip of the year yesterday. Of course, we were still doing personal fishing trips here and there, but now things start for real. The past few days the Chinook fishing has been...
  2. Saltwater Professional Reports
    May Fishing Report 2014 ><>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Early May 2014 Pictures. Chinook Fishing: This time of year we normally get Chinook in the 7-20 lb range. We also have days like we did Saturday where we catch 5 good size Chinook all...
  3. Saltwater Professional Reports
    We just had an excellent charter with Big Bear Salmon Charters out of Ucluelet. The boat, the guide, the day, all were perfect. We had a lot of fun learning about fishing using their top-quality gear and catching lots of fish. They even provide boots and suits to stay warm and keep the fish goo...
1-3 of 3 Results