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  1. Saltwater General Discussion
    gonna try to get out into west van , the freighters, during this fall and the other side of bowen this winter. does anyone have any tips on leader length for springs wether it be running blades, bait or hootchies thanks big joe
  2. Saltwater General Discussion
    ok my 16 ft isnt gonna cut in for the long haul unless i find a 17 to 19 i feel confortable in im thinking of going bigger but then it looks like moorage. it seems to me after a few phone calls you may as well go to a 24 ft cause they will make you pay for that size anyway because of lack of...
  3. Saltwater General Discussion
    i live in east van by the pne , im getting back into getting on the salt chuck and decided to take ps course . is their anyone in particular whos good in my area. thks bigjoe
  4. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Was out this afternoon in van harbor, as it was a little too rough for the little woman on the strait.. Caught two 20 pounders around the freighters. The first one was nabbed by a seal, but we got it in. It was a little mangled so we kept that one. It ended up being a white spring. We got into...
  5. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    First blood in new boat. fished 9-10:30 around bell with no luck.headed over to west van dropped gear at qb and trolled towards pink apt. within10 mins. had a good fish on and lost it about 40 feet back on the surface.60ft green white coyote,as im holding rod cussing, rod at 44ft red flasher...
  6. Saltwater General Discussion
    I was off west van fishing and got 3 fish in about 30 min and got sealed 3 times!! I lost 2 fav lures and had to move out of the area. I did get a 26 lb spring which took the sting out of the earlier part of the day. Go back to the marina to clean the fish there are two seals at the cleaning...
  7. Vancouver & Sunshine Coast
    Spent the week end fishing between hole in the wall , howe sound and pt atkinson . Did not have to much luck in howe sound , only released one undersize chinook . There are fish going through the area as last week we landed a nice 16 # er , and I know a big 24 was taken and also a couple coho...
  8. Freshwater General Discussion
    Does anyone know how the fishing in rice lake in north van is??? Im planning on heading over there tomorrow try my luck on some trout 8)
  9. Saltwater General Discussion
    I happened to be driving yesterday from Lighthouse Park and saw some guys beach casting. I grew up in Port Hardy but almost always trolled with a rowboat and a spoon. We'd sometimes have luck casting with a Crocodile though. What kind of lure would you use off the beach in west Van for coho...
  10. Freshwater General Discussion
    Im planning on going Out to Rice lake This sunday and wondering has anyone been out there in the past few weeks?? hows the fishing right now?? :D
1-10 of 10 Results