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  1. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Saltwater Report, January 4/2012 We have not been out for the last few days, but we have received some reports of some very nice fish caught in local waters. Howe Sound and Vancouver Harbour have kicked out some REAL nice winter chinook over the last 3 or 4 days. There was a 26...
  2. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report...First Week of July A pod of Orcas made a visit into Vancouver Harbour yesterday to snack on our very healthy population of harbour seals!! We were lucky enough to be on the water to capture the amazing spectacle. 6 transient orcas came into English Bay...
  3. Saltwater Professional Reports
    Over the last few weeks the local Vancouver Harbour winter chinook salmon fishery has picked up! There has been good numbers of chinook salmon in the 4 to 15 pound range in the regular winter haunts. We have been fishing the freighters, Jericho, the QB marker, and the West Vancouver shoreline...
1-3 of 3 Results