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  1. Region 2 - Reports
    Follow me on Instagram @ Kyle_Rudkevitch Posting this here so all the Leechers don't see Well all i can say is WOW what a morning. :p:thumbup: Me and my 2 buddies all fished the same hole today all 3 of us were twitching jigs. Some of us had all the luck and some of us had none :-[ :-X...
  2. Fly Fishing Discussion
    The title says it all.Im just wondering what type of location,type of flies and techniques that will help me.I will probably have a 2 day trip to the vedder next tuesday or someday next week.Im a complete noob to steelhead fly fishing. cheers trout:cheers:
  3. Freshwater General Discussion
    I leaned the rod up on the side of my car and told my self "Self, don't forget that there." I took the waders off. Put on some comfy shoes. A quick pee in the bushes.Grab a snack and a drink for the drive home... Dumb-ass. I forgot it there and didn't realize what i had done until i hit Dewdney...
  4. Freshwater Professional Reports
    October 19, 2011 6:16am Customer brought in a gorgeous 30+ pound red spring yesterday (go figure). Most of the big boys are in the Chilliwack River portion but there are plenty still to be had in the Canal. With the low clear river the coho have been a bit tough to get. Early morning...
1-4 of 4 Results