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  1. FishTV

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I was at a tackle store today and saw a nifty gadget... it was an underwater video camera that could go as deep as 100ft. It came with an attachment for a downrigger cable. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with such novelties? I'd love to hear a report... I'm not sure they'd be all that...
  2. New Farm Related Video

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    A tad lengthy, but well worth the watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vekW4FgXefo Cheers, nog
  3. Bent Rods jigs for Chum

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    Hi folks. I first would like to thank everyone for supporting our product by purchasing our jigs and spinners, thank you very much people. I just wanted to mention that I had received a email about a fellow who had problems with hooks bending on Chums. These were 1/0 sickles in pin and bead...
  4. Asian Carp Video

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Check out the video link below. It looks almost like last year sokeye season on the Fraser LOL http://www.purplepug.com/Videos/Asian-Carp-Wabash-River-August/13187983_T9fdj#957217611_fEWWb-A-LB
  5. Anyone fished the Adams river mouth?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I recently came across this video, and got interested in fly fishing the mouth of the Adams with an egg pattern for rainbows. I am wondering though, when using egg patterns, if you should use an indicator on a 9ft leader and floating line or use it without an indicator. It would also be...
  6. Good news everyone?

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    From tonight's CBC National http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/ID=1594095830 Upside: Grows faster, can be farmed INLAND!! Downside: Type of frankenfish - escapees could be disastrous. Farm them WAAAAY inland.
  7. Embeded Video Problems?

    Site Features, News & Issue Information
    Hey Rick Just wondering if there's an issue with embeded video? I tried to embed this link into a post but the rendered post (in the preview at least) displayed an unrelated video - Ghostrider Teaser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzPnnKhTSbA I notice that the source code of the...
  8. August 28 2010, Skagit River with amazing underwater video footage

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    Howdy! I went fishing in the Skagit River for a few hours yesterday. The water is low, as can be expected this time of year. We decided to start at the 26 mile bridge and walk downstream, as I have not explored this part of the river in a few years. There were a few fishable pools within...