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  1. Guess My Weight

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I've got a bunch of unlabled fly lines in the bar that came with old reels I bought cheap at various different junk and thrift stores and garage sales. How can one tell what weight a fly line is?
  2. Sink Rate Fly Lines

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I would really appreciate some advice on fly lines. I have an 8 weight single hand , fly rod. I want to fish steelhead in the Vedder cannel this year. What type of sink rate would be the best all round line for the area? I tried some T 14 at different lengths but it is hard to cast. I thought I...
  3. Mouth of Harrison

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I was in the Harrison yesterday. Tried trolling spinners and plugs for a while with not much luck. Noticed a bunch of boats right at the mouth. We decided to join this Chum jigging frenzy right at the mouth. At first we sat back on anchor for a bit and watched everyone to see what they were...
  4. Rod parts

    Fly Fishing Discussion
    I am looking for a Spey rod blank 9 weight 14 feet plus parts. It has been a while scince i built a rod and it seems that my local fishing shops have gotten out of selling blanks and supplies for rod building.When I reserch online I find only US sites. There has to be a B.C. shop that still does...
  5. New Setup

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Greetings all, I am new to fishing, havn't fished in 20 years so I consider myself new since I remember nothing. I want to get a spinning rod setup that I can use for everything from Lake Trout to Pinks in the river, but am unsure of what I need for a rod and line. What line weight...
  6. Whitehorse?

    Angling Outside BC
    Will be in Whitehorse next week, any good fly fishing close to the city? I'll probably take a 6 weight and some waders on my trip in case of a day off. Thanks.
  7. How Well Do You Know the Regs?

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi folks, I thought I would throw this question out as a little challenge to see how well people can interpret both the saltwater and freshwater regulations. If our good mods feel there is a more appropriate section for this post, feel free to move it. It is primarilya 'salt' question but...
  8. August 29th. Elk Lake report

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Well I got to take out the new toys. Motor ran well and boat isn't much different from the Zodiac. Looking forward to finishing break-in period tomorrow,as then I can take it to the ocean for some crab and maybe a little mooching around James Island. Started today fishing northwest side of Elk...
  9. Outboard or inboard/outboard???

    Boating Forum
    So I am looking to get into a bigger boat and am trying to really figure out if I want to go with an outboard or an I/O. Admittedly I don't know as much as I should on the subject so some of your opinions on the following criteria would be appreciated. Ok so lets assume identical HP, both in...
  10. Fishing Banff to Vancouver

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am coming over to Canada from the UK for three weeks from 29th August driving from Banff -Jasper- Whistler and Vancouver, mainly hiking sight seeing, but as a keen coarse and fly angler I hope to spend some time fishing for trout in the rivers/lakes on the way, maybe salmon in...
  11. Kalamalka Lake - South

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Greetings all, I am looking for any tips on slow trolling Kalamalka Lake's southern area. I am hoping there is a boat launch in the area and some decent fishing... I will be going in a few weeks. Any info would be very appreciated (lures, weight, good spots etc...). I will be trolling without...
  12. Porta Bote

    Boating Forum
    Hi , I'm considering buying a folding boat or porta boat as an alternative to inflatable or aluminum boats. I always like to hear the opinions of people who have or had this type of boat as it looks like a great boat in the water and light weight and easy to transport. Thanks.
  13. River Coho Gear

    Freshwater General Discussion
    What kind of rod and reel should I be fishing coho with freshwater? I have a bunch of pike gear and Chinook bar fishing gear. I hate using 10 foot rods and my garcia 10000's seem like major overkill for coho. Will a 7 foot ugly stick med rod w spinning reel be good enough or do I need special...
  14. Bar weight molds

    Freshwater General Discussion
    I have been making a few bar weights with homemade molds from scrap tin sheeting, but they are not very nice and a pain to deal with. Does anyone know who makes and sells molds for the wedge style weights? Thanks, Gord