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  1. Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 16th, 2019

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Fishing has been good overall with some really good bites mixed in. Both Coho and Chinook are being caught close to shore and offshore. The offshore restriction for Chinook was lifted starting yesterday (July 15) and the fishing didn’t disappoint. Both Chinook and Halibut were caught on Big...
  2. Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 2nd, 2019

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Fishing Report July 2, 2019 Ucluelet BC The fishing went from being mediocre in mid June to having great numbers of Chinook running along the shore along with lots of feed to keep them there. The best part for avid fisherman is that the size has been larger than expected. Our guide Darren...
  3. Ucluelet Fishing Report - June 13th 2019

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Salmon fishing was fair this week. The fleet continues to work the area from Mears up to Austin island. Chinooks in the 5-7lb range have been plentiful many days with the odd tide of fish between 10-14lbs. Small spoons like the size 3 Maverick and cookies and creame have been the staples. Some...
  4. Ucluelet Fishing Report - June 2019

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Salmon fishing started slowly this week with the odd productive tide at the red can. Fish from 6-15lbs were taken on small spoons from 90-120 feet. To the applause of anglers, a new wave of chinooks arrived on the south side of Barkley Sound in time for the weekend. The fleets from Ucluelet...
  5. Time for those who dare to do unthinkable

    Environmental, Fishing Politics & Fishery Updates
    My birthday is coming up and to reward myself for leaving fish where I have found them and also encouraging others to fish responsibly for many years, I will do something completely off the wall this year! Being a Libra and knowing that some of the best fishing can happen on dates around my...
  6. Surf Fishing Vancouver?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Hey Guys: I was wondering, do any of you know where I can surf-fish around Vancouver nowadays? I can't find much of anything on the web save for some stuff on Van Island and I don't think that would be too relevant for the mainland (referring to the species of fish and etc). The second...
  7. The transition...........crabbin and dolphins

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Well we finally made the transition from West Coast to East Coast with the Sculpin. Made her in one piece no problems along the imfamous Tofino highway;). We left Salmon Beach around 8:30 this am and headed home for lunch and a short rest only to throw in the crab traps and launch down at...
  8. Halibut Trip Recommendations

    Saltwater General Discussion
    My Dad has offered to take my son, brother and I on a halibut trip next spring. Not sure if spring is a good time. He is talking Alaska (Cook Inlet) for 3 fishing days or maybe someplace closer for a few extra days. I've (he either) never fished for halibut before, and am not sure we really need...
  9. Ultimate Fishing Town " VOTE"

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Local town, in BC, needs some help to get back on top.Lets get this done. As most of us can agree, real fishing towns have salmon. (At least a Kokanne) Lets keep this on the West Coast. http://www.wfn.tv/ultimate-fishing-town/
  10. West Coast

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Just got back from my first trip to Port Renfrew. I highly suggest a trip there for anyone who wants to hit the different types of salmon in one day. Had springs, coho, and also took some time to work the muscles hauling up halibut. Could have targeted sockeye also, but I have enough from local...
  11. Wtf???? Flossing?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'm disturbed... I just read some freshwater reports (god knows why). People are actually proud of the fact they "floss" the sox in the river. I know I'm new to the west coast but in my opinion this is intentionally foul hooking a fish, isn't it? Makes me sick to think of fathers teaching...
  12. Tofino cancellation this weekend.

    Advertiser Specials & Updates
    I just got a last minute cancellation of some long time regulars due to a medical situation. They were booked for Aug 6th and 7th - this Friday and Saturday. If anyone is thinking of a last minute, good value trip to the West Coast in prime time let me know. Fishing is great this time of year...
  13. WHEN will the Fraser River Sockeye travel by the west Coast of Haida Gwaii?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I'm trying to find out when to expect the Fraser river sockeye to travel by the west coast of Haida Gwaii. Where can I get information on the expected returns?
  14. West Coast Trail Fishing

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi All, I'm from Orange County, California and have family living all over Canada. In a few weeks a will be heading up to Nanaimo to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle for a few days before heading off along the West Coast Trail from Pachena Bay to Port Renfrew. I'm a die hard fisherman and try...
  15. West Coast Vancouver Island Fishing Report

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    Ucluelet Fishing Report June 2, 2010 The prime time to fish here is all summer – well not quite, but since we fish three areas there is usually somewhere to catch salmon and halibut. Most recommended times are • December to May for the feeder Chinooks and some halibut starting to show in...