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  1. [FISHING REPORT] Ravin the Stave

    Region 2 - Reports
    Too much southern comfort in the hottub on thursday night prevented me from going to the vedder early as planned so grabbed the drift-rod and headed to the Stave to get rid of some roe too long in the beer-fridge. Got there about 9:30am and the Harvest Festival was in full swing. Walked the...
  2. Wabimun Lake

    Angling Outside BC
    It was the second weekend of Oct 2010 and Edmonton was experiencing unseasonable warm fall weather.We were on Wabimun Lake 45 mins west of e-town on this fine fall day.Throwing spoons to the edge of the weed beds on the North Shore of this big lake moving West in direction when the first bite of...
  3. [FISHING REPORT] Stave river Oct 19 - chum jig + short float works the best

    Region 2 - Reports
    Hit the west side of the river on 8:15. I will say not every many people out because it is Tuesday. My fishing buddy showed up about 8:45. I used chum jigs , the jig worked like magic. the second cast I landed the first one this year. It was a nice doe. I could see the float totally been...
  4. New Cap Mouth Report

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Caught a dandy 26lb'r today at mid-flood. About 10 feet off the bottom right at the marker. Heading west, fishing a naked herring. About the pic... I don't usually look like such a tard... but the fish was damned heavy!
  5. fall and winter leader lengths

    Saltwater General Discussion
    gonna try to get out into west van , the freighters, during this fall and the other side of bowen this winter. does anyone have any tips on leader length for springs wether it be running blades, bait or hootchies thanks big joe
  6. Stave river Oct 10 - illegal anglers

    Freshwater General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, It is a nice day. I can't stay in home anymore. Drove to Stave river . Start from the west bank. Hate the non parking sign. But I parked at Ruskin park where has a big parking lot. just need to walk 5 to 10 mins to the bank. fished two spots on west bank and only see 1 chum with...
  7. Vancouver Island Saltwater fishing Report October 4, 2010

    Saltwater Professional Reports
    OVERVIEW – Salmon fishing was GOOD this past weekend from Port Renfrew to Race Rocks for Coho. There were very, very few big springs around and not too many smaller winter springs. Most of the salmon being caught are wild and/or fin clipped coho. Halibut fishing was GOOD this past week...
  8. The transition...........crabbin and dolphins

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Well we finally made the transition from West Coast to East Coast with the Sculpin. Made her in one piece no problems along the imfamous Tofino highway;). We left Salmon Beach around 8:30 this am and headed home for lunch and a short rest only to throw in the crab traps and launch down at...
  9. Right or Way on Saltchuck

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I had this situation happen to me a while back, and it's still kinda bothering me. I was trolling out at the Cap, and it was pretty busy out there. I do my best to keep out of people's way, and really try to anticipate what the other boats are going to do. I rarely get upset with people who...
  10. FN0831-RECREATIONAL - SALMON: Region 3 - Extension for Sockeye and Chinook Salmon fis

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0831-RECREATIONAL - SALMON: Region 3 - Extension for Sockeye and Chinook Salmon fishing in Thompson River. Conservation measures are in place to limit Canadian exploitation rates for Interior Fraser...
  11. Porlier Pass and west of.....

    Saltwater General Discussion
    How is this area fishing right now? Anyone been through lately? Any tips for the area. I live in Yellow Point and would like to find a close fishery. Thanks.
  12. Halibut Trip Recommendations

    Saltwater General Discussion
    My Dad has offered to take my son, brother and I on a halibut trip next spring. Not sure if spring is a good time. He is talking Alaska (Cook Inlet) for 3 fishing days or maybe someplace closer for a few extra days. I've (he either) never fished for halibut before, and am not sure we really need...
  13. How many lines per Person?

    Saltwater General Discussion
    The regulations state that "There is no limit to the number of fishing rods a licenced fisher may use in tidal waters, other than the tidal waters of the Fraser River where the limit is one line per angler". Anyone have an idea where the the "tidal waters of the Fraser River" extend to. How far...
  14. Hello

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone... I'm the latest Noob! Originally an East Coaster (New Brunswicker), I transplanted to Courtenay, BC in 2007. My line of work has had me living in various locations across our great country, so I've had the opportunity to try various Canadian fishing grounds. I grew up...
  15. Ultimate Fishing Town " VOTE"

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Local town, in BC, needs some help to get back on top.Lets get this done. As most of us can agree, real fishing towns have salmon. (At least a Kokanne) Lets keep this on the West Coast. http://www.wfn.tv/ultimate-fishing-town/
  16. West Coast

    Saltwater General Discussion
    Just got back from my first trip to Port Renfrew. I highly suggest a trip there for anyone who wants to hit the different types of salmon in one day. Had springs, coho, and also took some time to work the muscles hauling up halibut. Could have targeted sockeye also, but I have enough from local...
  17. FN0693-SANITARY - Area 17 - Emergency Closure for Bivalve Shellfish near Hammond Bay

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): General Information, Sanitary/Other Contamination Closures, ABORIGINAL - General Information, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Intertidal, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Razor, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Geoduck and Horseclam, COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Oyster, COMMERCIAL -...
  18. FN0684- RECREATIONAL-SALMON- Region 3 - Retention of Sockeye/Chinook SalmonThompson R

    Recreational‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0684-RECREATIONAL - SALMON - Region 3 - Retention of Sockeye/Chinook Salmon in Thompson River and Kamloops Lake The current runs size for Early Summer sockeye is 2.6m. There is no in season run size...
  19. FN0668-COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net - Area 29 - Fraser River Sockeye - Opening

    Commercial‏ - Updates & Notices
    Category(s): COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0668-COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net - Area E - Area 29 - Fraser River Sockeye - Opening Fraser River Sockeye: Gill nets open for 5 hours commencing at 10:00 hours Wednesday August 18 to 15:00...
  20. sand Heads / what to watch out for??

    Saltwater General Discussion
    I am thinking of heading down to sand heads area for the first time. what would make the area dangerous?? incomming tide + west wind?? southern wind?? .... I know south of bell bouy gets nasty sometimes eventhough vancouver harbour is nice and calm. I just want to pick a day that I dont get in...