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Don't go fishing on your 30 B-day, nothing can go right. Got to the cap at 8:00 ish am... not stopping at the large gathing of gulls and greebs off of Siwash Rock. Fished with many boat and to little beer for a long time. Three times my tomic caught things on the bottom... once an old crab pot line, next a piece of bull kelp with a bick rock atteched, and finally bottom for good. Then POP the chovie line goes off. My crew reel against the drag for a few minutes as I got the gear up. Then I I put enough drag on to get some line in and WOW this screamer was a fowl hook dog 3'1/2 long. Someone caught a fish, a few had bites by others, but it was not that good. Didn't feel like the fish were there yet. Of course maybe I' not as good as last year.
have fun, Jason
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