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09/30/06 Cap.

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Fished the Cap. from 11:00 passed high slack till 14:45. Pretty dead, didn't see a size-able fish landed. I got no hits from salmon, only a few dogs. Not very much current. I had a big herring just off the bottom and a anchovie with flasher 8' up. Waste of bait. Still feels as if there aren't many fish there or there less than the last three week of Sept last year. I hate having weekends off, week days are better.
Have fun, Jason
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maybe next weekend

Dont give up hop. I remember a double header a few years back on Oct 6. Maybe next Saturday on the evening flood, or on Thanksgiving (3rd day after the full moon) if yer not stuck eating Turkey.
The fish will get there it's just when... and where to fish on an ebb?
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