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Hey everyone. Heres my first submission for the pay it forward section. I've been impressed with the generousity of this board, and have been looking for a while now to find a way to help other anglers. So, being a fairly new fly fisher with an ever expanding box, I thought I'd send a dozen flies someones way. Heres what you'll get.

2 Black/red Micro leeches /w GBH
1 Med. Olive Micro leech /w GBH
1 Black /w Purple flash Whooly Bugger /w GBH
1 Black /w Purple flash Whooly Bugger
1 Black Doc Sprately /w Silver Ribbing
3 Olive Shrimp(commerically tied)
3 greyish shrimp(commercially tied).

Weather you're a cast and retrieve guy, or someone who likes to relax and troll there's a fly in this dozen that will add something special to your day. ;) :D
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