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Went out in the morning from 7:45am to 11:00am and troll around with about a dozen boat. We did not get anything but my bait was *@$#ed and who knows how long it remaind intacked - YES I BRINED THE #$#% OUT OF IT! Mostly fished above 70 feet with only anchovies and a baitrix anchovy. We saw a guild boat get a decent fish and that was it.

No problem the afternoon fish will be good, except the guy I was going with had to put a fire out and my boat has a bubble on one of the pontoons - not good.

I went down to toss the crap bait out and make everything ship shape. It's to hot and sunny for cleaning so I hit the water only half sure the pontoon with make the trip - no worries there are two other. Start fishing and soon there's water coming up from the floor board - the plugs out. Thirty minute baling and I bake in bussiness and get a hit on the planner at 40 pulls off the last mark on Spanish Bank. Bring it up a racked half anchovy with spring written all over it. About 5:20 just east of the Bell Bouy I hook up to a fish that take a good run on the planner with green flasher and anchovy in a chrome green head. I get my other rod up as cool as a cucumber and start think how good this is when I hit the free spool! I got a heron's net but the fish is sulking and I'm not giving up. I put the engine in gear and move towards the fish stripping in line. It's about 50ft off. It's pretty pooped so lucky it doesn't take much line and I get to the 15' foot leader. My boat 15' and there no way I can net a fish with that leader on my on so I tailed the sucker first try. I got my first chinook of the year a good 35" red.

Sorry Pippen... next time. Have fun, Jason
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